Bullfrog Headrest part #60-1250

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  • Bullfrog replacement headrest for R-Series JetPak
  • Bullfrog Part # 60-1250
  • Fits Bullfrog R-Series tubs 2013–2015 with Neck jets
  • Durable, inflatable rubber pillows
As of April 2021, Bullfrog has stopped producing this pillow. Try the 60-00948, which is the updated, foam (non-inflatable) version. It will fit your older Neck JetPak.

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Discontinued. Replace with part #60-00948 .

Replace your dingy, bubbled, or faded Bullfrog headrest. Rejuvenate the look and feel of your hot tub. This genuine Bullfrog headrest replaces the one that came installed over the JetPak of your R-Series Bullfrog Spa. This headrest is model 60-1250. It fits NeckBlaster and NeckMasseuse JetPak models sold with R-Series hot tubs made between 2013–2015. This headrest does not fit other JetPak models. It does not fit newer Bullfrog spas. These pillows are partially inflatable; you can increase the firmness by adding air with a standard air pump and needle (not included).

We also sell replacement pillows for regular JetPaks.

Note: Bullfrog headrests can look very similar. Please compare the part numbers in your owner’s manual to these part numbers. We want you to get the right parts!

Hot tub pillows are consumable parts. Exposed to sunshine, hot and cold temperature changes, and oils from hair and skin, hot tub pillows will eventually crack or fade. We recommend cleaning your pillows with our special Pillow & Cover Cleaner. Protect and preserve your pillows and other patio equipment by treating them with 303 Aerospace Protectant.

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Bullfrog 60-1250 headrest

Bullfrog Headrest part #60-1250

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