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Welcome to, your premier source for spa parts and hot tub parts online. With over 30 years of experience in the hot tub industry, we are committed to high quality, low prices, and phenomenal customer service. We'd like your experience at to be a positive reflection of our commitment to these values. Whether you are looking for a custom spa cover, a hot tub ozonator, a spa cover lift, spa chemicals, a spa heater, a hot tub filter, a spa circuit board, or spa accessories, you have come to the right place!

At Hot Tub Things™, we understand that the quintessential spa experience you deserve can only be achieved when your spa is working at its best. What do you need to keep your spa working at its best? The hot tub water needs to be balanced, the spa pumps and spa heater need to be working at maximum efficiency, and your hot tub filter needs to be clean enough to properly filter out impurities and particles from the water. You need a hot tub cover that fits your spa properly to minimize any heat loss and maximize energy efficiency. Having the best hot tub parts on hand when you need them will help ensure your spa stays in great shape and provides you with the experience you imagined at the time of your hot tub purchase.

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Keeping your spa water clean, clear, and balanced is important for your safety and to prolong the longevity of your hot tub and the hot tub parts. If you use your spa regularly, you need to balance the pH and alkalinity of the water. This will keep spa parts such as your spa pillow from corroding from imbalanced water and keeps a water line and scum from developing on the shell of the spa. In order to properly sanitize your spa water, you need to use spa product like chlorine and bromine. carries top brands when in comes to spa supplies and spa chemicals. These brands include Leisure Time, Brilliance, Rendezvous, and Baqua Spa just to name a few.

Spa Ozonators

Another method to keep your spa water clean is a hot tub ozonator. Not all spas have a spa ozonator installed at the time of purchase, but you can buy one and have it installed in your hot tub. If your spa is more than two years old and has a hot tub ozonator, we recommend an ozone renewal kit or a new spa ozonator depending on the condition of your current spa ozonator. The great thing about a hot tub ozonator is that it cleans all of the body oil, oils from cosmetics, and metals from your spa water that chlorine and bromine aren't able to remove. Less product and cleaner water is better for your hot tub parts, and better for your body. A hot tub ozonator will also decrease the amount of product you will need to use to keep the water sanitized and can save you up to $250 a year in chemicals. We carry Del Ozone, the leading brand of hot tub ozonators worldwide.

Hot Tub Covers

A custom spa cover at is made special for your spa. Whether you are looking for a standard replacement hot tub cover, or a custom hot tub cover for an oddly shaped in ground spa, we can accommodate your needs. Each of our hot tub covers start out as a solid block of virgin foam to maximize water resistance and they are laser cut to the exact specifications you want. We also use high-grade vinyl that is UV resistant and locking tie down straps come standard with your spa cover. If you live in an area where the weather is severe and it snows, we can make a spa cover that has better insulated foam to save you money on your energy bill and insulates the hot tub better to minimize heat loss. We offer different foam densities depending on the severity of the climate you live in. The spa parts won't have to work as hard to keep the spa heated to the temperature you like and will result in longer spa life. The spa covers that we build are made to last and to look great!

-Your Hot Tub Things Team

Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in our products. We invite you to sit back in the comfort of your home and shop with a simple, friendly ordering process that will save you time and money. Please contact us anytime with your questions or feedback. We look forward to serving you.

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