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  • Sundance® Original 120sq ft. MicroClean II Filter (Part # 6540-507 and 6540-507s are the same)
  • Exclusive Sundance® design with deep pleats optimized for your pump to last up to 18 months!
  • Deluxe, quilted pleats capture more debris than smaller filters providing clean, clear water
  • No inserts or additional parts needed; this filter alone can keep an 880 or 980 series hot tub clean
  • Original Sundance® Filters – No Generics!!

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Quilted, with deep pleats to absorb particles and impurities, the Sundance Spas filter 6540-507 is the best, most durable Sundance filter for your hot tub. This filter has no disposable inserts or add-ons. It alone can clean and filter your hot tub water for up to 18 months. Standard issue on all 980 Series Sundance Spas, it also works on all 2014 and later 880 Series. The MicroClean II 120sq ft. filter is durable enough to withstand repeated cleanings with Cartridge Cleaner so you get good value for money.

The Sundance Spas filter 6540-507 is a premium upgrade for spas that have been using the Sundance 6540-488 or 6540-488s filters. Either filter will work to keep your spa water fresh and clear without supplemental filters or inserts. Replace your old, dirty filter with a Sundance 6540-507s and get back to enjoying your spa.

Sundance Spas owners can use our new SPAPURITY™ Mineral Cartridge to help keep their water sparkling clean and fresh for four months.

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Sundance Spas Filter 6540-507S

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