SpaGuard Anti Foam 16oz


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  • 16 oz bottle of SpaGuard Anti Foam
  • Chlorine-free, compatible with chlorine, bromine, and minerals
  • Fast-acting water treatment reduces foam instantly
  • Does not interrupt your bathing session

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Reduce unsightly foaming in your hot tub water

SpaGuard Anti Foam works instantly to reduce bubbles, froth, and foam in your hot tub water.

Hot tub foam is not normal.

While all hot tubs produce bubbles at full power, those bubbles should dissipate right away once the jets stop. If foam and froth linger, use one capful of Anti Foam directly on the bubbles.

What causes hot tub bubbles and foam?

Healthy, clean hot tub water has little to no foam. Heavy foaming indicates some sort of imbalance or contamination in the water. This contamination can come from sunscreen lotion on bathers or excess detergent in swimsuits. One or two capfuls of Anti Foam should restore water clarity. If the hot tub requires frequent doses of Anti Foam, consider draining the tub and refilling with fresh, clean water.

Instructions for using SpaGuard Anti Foam:

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of SpaGuard Anti Foam per 200 gallons of hot tub water. For most hot tubs, one or two tablespoons will suffice. Large hot tubs, swim spas, and swimming pools may need a full tablespoon.
  2. Run the circulation pump for several minutes; foam should dissipate right away.
  3. If possible, ask bathers to rinse themselves before entering the hot tub.

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SpaGuard Anti Foam 16oz


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