Frog @ease Cartridge Holder for Bullfrog Spas


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Keep your Bullfrog Spa clean, clear, fresh, and safe with the innovative mineral sanitizer system designed specifically for your hot tub!

The @Ease system for Bullfrog Spas is the manufacturer-recommended method of keeping your hot tub free of germs and algae. Upgrade your spa with ease. Bullfrog Spas prior to 2019 require a one-time purchase of this frog cartridge holder.




Upgrade your Older Bullfrog Spa to Modern Frog Sanitation

Keep your Bullfrog Spa clean, sparkling, and safe by sanitizing your water with Spa Frog. Designed by Frog with the full cooperation of Bullfrog Spas, the @Ease system fits your tub and fits your busy life.

If you have a pre-2019 model Bullfrog, you can still upgrade your tub to work with @ease. This cartridge holder sits inside the filtration chamber of your spa, in the current but completely out of sight. It is Bullfrog part #10-01006. Once you have added this part to your system, you can install the Frog @ease system (sold separately) for your Bullfrog hot tub.

Most Bullfrog tubs from 2013 onward can be upgraded to the Frog @ease system:

  • Bullfrog X5L models have only one filter and cannot use Frog @ease for Bullfrog Spas.
  • Bullfrog X6R models have only one filter and cannot use Frog @ease for Bullfrog Spas.
  • Bullfrog spas that are not compatible with the Bullfrog-specific version of Frog @ease may still be compatible with other Spa Frog low-chlorine systems. See your dealer for details.

While you’re upgrading your Bullfrog hot tub with the latest improvements, consider adding a Bullfrog filter adapter so your spa can use the latest Wellspring/Bullfrog filters.

  • Add this filter holder to bring your 2013+ Bullfrog Spa into the @Ease system.
  • This official Bullfrog Spas part will provide years of use with the Frog @ease system.
  • Spa Frog is the #1 brand for innovative hot tub sanitation.


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Frog @ease Cartridge Holder for Bullfrog Spas

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