• STIL Bullfrog Spa Filter 10-00281 Two Pack

    Keep your water sparkling clear with genuine Bullfrog replacement filters

    These filters only fit Bullfrog STIL models.

    • To get clean water with minimal effort, Bullfrog also recommends the official Frog @Ease Mineral Sanitizing System.
    • Some Bullfrog hot tubs ship from the factory with white Wellspring filters. We don’t know why, but all replacement Wellspring filters are blue. Blue or white, these are genuine Bullfrog factory parts.
    • We are factory-authorized Bullfrog dealers, so we take pride in our knowledge of Bullfrog’s catalog. If you’d like to talk to someone before you place your order, just give us a call.
    • Part # 10-00281 is a genuine Bullfrog part, so you know it was designed with your STIL spa in mind.
    • Modern filtration media trap dirt, pollen, and microbes while allowing clear water to pass through.
    • Use less chlorine with a fresh filter.
  • CLEARRAY XL Replacement Bulb for Sundance and Jacuzzi

    • Effective Sanitation: The ClearRay Water Management System kills 99.9% of waterborne pathogens in your hot tub. A fresh, functional CLEARRAY Bulb is the heart of this modern sanitizer.
    • Economical Choice: Each CLEARRAY XL bulb is rated to last one year under normal usage, keeping your bathers safe and your water clean, clear, and free of algae and bacteria. If your bulb is over a year old, it may be time for a replacement.
    • Safe for Bathers: The CLEARRAY Water Management System is inside the circulation pipes of your Sundance or Jacuzzi brand spa. Water from your spa is drawn into the UV treatment chamber, naturally sanitized, then returned to the bathing area.
    • Reduces Chemical Load: Hot tubs treated with anti-microbial lights require fewer chemicals at lighter concentrations to sanitize and provide the same level of safe, clear water.


  • Hot Tub Things @ease Starter Kit with Frog Maintain

    • Time-release chlorine means stable water chemistry
    • Use less chlorine with Frog minerals
    • Floating Frog flips over to provide a visual cue to replace the cartridge(s)
    • Each SmartChlor cartridge lasts for up to six weeks
    • Complete kit offers everything for switching from traditional chlorine to Frog @ease
    • Full instructions included on waterproof card
  • Silk Balance Water Care 76oz

    • Luxury additive—SilkBalance Water Care System softens skin every time you use your spa
    • Great water made easy–self-adjusting chemistry helps keep your pH levels steady
    • Protects spa equipment—breaks down organic deposits and stops acidity spikes
    • Environmentally sound—formulated without harsh chemicals
    • Improves H2O performance—keeps prevents deposits and buildup so your pipes stay open

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