• Bullfrog Air Comfort Headrest, 2002-2012 (60-1160)

    • Air Comfort Headrest
    • Color: Black.
    • Fits all Bullfrog Spas & Tadpole spas
    • 2002-2012
    • Replaces the gray pillow part #60-1165
  • SpaGuard Brominating Tabs (1.5 lb)

    • 24 oz bottle of brom tabs
    • tablets measure 1.25″ diameter and fit most dispensers
    • low-odor, low-maintenance formula
    • requires shock and/or sodium bromide when filling tub with fresh water
  • Sundance Spas SunPurity Mineral Sanitizer 6890-780

    • Sundance Sunpurity Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge for Sundance Spas
    • Mineral purification is a natural process that carries out 3 functions: disinfection, algae prevention and clarification
    • Sundance Spas Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge leaves your water clean and clear
    • SunPurity by Sundance Spas helps reduce the potential for unpleasant odors and residue lines, and can be used with your hot tub ozone system.
    • Original Sundance Spa Parts.
  • SpaGuard Spa Shock-Oxidizer 35oz

      • 35 oz bottle SpaGuard Spa Shock-Oxidizer
      • Buffered, non-chlorine formula does not interfere with your balance water
      • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, and minerals
      • Use along with a chemical sanitizer to keep your hot tub clean and germ-free
  • Oxidizing Spa Shock – 2.2 lb

    • Use shock weekly to control and prevent organic buildup that causes cloudy water!
    • America’s #1 Trusted Brand of Hot Tub Chemicals
    • Safety Tested to Assure Quality, Guaranteed Performance
    • Formulated Exclusively for Hot Tubs And Made from the Purest Chemicals Available
    • Compare to Leisure Time Renew
  • Bromine Tablets – 1.5 lb

    • EFFECTIVE SANITIZING: Hot Tub Things Bromine Tablets kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and algae.
    • LOW ODOR: Bromine gives off far less odor than comparable chlorine sanitizer. Your colorful swimsuits will last longer with bromine, too.
    • PUREST CHEMICALS: Our tablets are 98% bromochloro-5-5 with just 2% binding agents to hold the tablet together.
    • CONSTANT, STEADY SANITIZING: Bromine dissolves slowly, so you’ll add chemicals less often.
    • TOP BRAND: Hot tub things is America’s #1 Trusted Brand of Hot Tub Chemicals.
    • GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE: Safety Tested to Assure Quality, Guaranteed Performance.
    • SMALL TABLETS: These are 1″ inch tablets so they can be easily dissolved in water.
  • Sundance Filter 373045s

    • 50 square feet of pleated filtration media
    • Lasts up to 18 months with regular cleanings
    • Compatible with SUNPURITY mineral filter (sold separately)
    • Designed for smaller hot tubs
    • Genuine Sundance Spas part # 373045
    • Fits many 680 Series Sundance spas (see list below for specifics)
  • Sundance Filter Cartridge 373043S

    • GENUINE SUNDANCE SPAS PARTS | This filter is manufactured by Sundance Spas, the same company that built your hot tub.
    • GUARANTEED COMPATIBLE | This filter, Sundance Spas part # 373043s, is fully compatible with recent Hawthorne, Hartford, and Burlington spas. See list below for compatibility.
    • CLEAN, CLEAR PERFORMANCE | A fresh filter makes a huge difference in the clarity and enjoyment of your hot tub. If your filter is over a year old, consider replacing it for maximum performance.
    • Height: 9”, Diameter: 6” 45 square feet of filtration material
  • Bullfrog Core Cage Filter Adapter 10-00417

    Upgrade to the Latest Bullfrog Filtration

    Bullfrog Spas retain their luxury and value because they are upgradeable by design. This filter cartridge adapter brings new levels of comfort and clarity to your spa. Even if your Bullfrog was made before 2017, you can still use the latest Bullfrog/Wellspring filter cartridges. This simple plastic cage fits inside Bullfrog 10-00282 or Bullfrog 10-00281 filters (not included). Without any tools or headache, you can have your Bullfrog hot tub using the latest filters!

    This adapter is compatible with most Bullfrog Spa models:

    • A-Series pre-2017
    • R-Series pre-2017
    • X-Series pre-2017
    • STIL Series pre-2017

    If you have doubts, please contact us before purchasing. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase, and that means making sure you only buy what you need. Many Bullfrog hot tubs use filters in pairs, so you may need two of these adapters. The adapter should last you for several years; please keep it as you clean and replace filters.

    If your hot tub is from 2017 or newer, you don’t need this filter cartridge adapter. Why not upgrade your spa with an official Bullfrog @Ease automatic sanitizing system instead?

  • Hot Tub Things Filter (compatible with Sundance® 6473-164)

    • Replacement for Sundance Spas Microclean Inner Filter 6473-164
    • Inner Filter is used on Sundance Spas 880 Series and 850 Series
    • Inner Filter used with 6473-165 Outer Filter
    • 100% compatible with Sundance Spa Parts and Filters
    • Height: 18.74″ Diameter: 5.63″
  • Bullfrog Filter Cartridge, 2013-2016 (10-2870)

    • Designed for the A Series, R Series and X Series
    • Can be replaced with Coreless Filters #10-00416 with the addition of the Filter Cage Core #10-00417
    • 1 x Bullfrog Spas Wellspring 10-2870 Spa Filter
    • This filter replaces filter #10-1035 & #10-2785
  • Sundance / Jacuzzi Replacement Quartz Tube 6472-859

    • GENUINE CLEARRAY | This genuine ClearRAY tube is made by Sundance Spas, part # 6472-859
    • GUARANTEED COMPATIBLE | Tube fits CLEARRAY XL bulbs in both Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi-brand hot tubs
    • CRYSTAL CLEAR | The pure mineral quartz of this tube provides optimal light pass-through so you get maximum UV sanitation efficiency
    • INSTALLATION KIT | Comes with latex glove (fingerprints can shorten system life) and complete instructions
    • TUBE ONLY | Replacement bulb sold separately

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