Sundance / Jacuzzi Replacement Quartz Tube 6472-859


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  • GENUINE CLEARRAY | This genuine ClearRAY tube is made by Sundance Spas, part # 6472-859
  • GUARANTEED COMPATIBLE | Tube fits CLEARRAY XL bulbs in both Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi-brand hot tubs
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR | The pure mineral quartz of this tube provides optimal light pass-through so you get maximum UV sanitation efficiency
  • INSTALLATION KIT | Comes with latex glove (fingerprints can shorten system life) and complete instructions
  • TUBE ONLY | Replacement bulb sold separately

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Crystal-clear hot tub water starts with a crystal-clear UV sanitizing system. The quartz tube surrounding your CLEARRAY bulb ought to last you for several seasons, but eventually it will cloud over with sediment, scale, and even crystalline changes after constant UV bombardment. A factory-fresh tube once every two or three bulb changes will ensure you have the most effective UV sanitizing power.

Tube is fully compatible with both Jacuzzi-brand and Sundance Spas-brand CLEARRAY systems. Please note that a light-bulb is not included with this item. As of Summer 2019, an O-ring is not included with the replacement tube. Use your existing O-ring that came with your ClearRay system, or purchase a replacement before installing.

While full instructions from Sundance Spas are included in every box, changing UV bulbs and UV tubes is a job some leave to professionals. Don’t risk your vision if you don’t know how to handle Ultra-Violet light bulbs properly. At a minimum, before attempting any adjustments to your CLEARRAY system, you should unplug your hot tub, ensure that the power is off, and wear eye protection against UV rays.

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Sundance / Jacuzzi Replacement Quartz Tube 6472-859

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