Hot Tub Things SPAPURITY™ Mineral Cartridge


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Clean your hot tub water with the power of silver ions.

  • Boosts your water quality effectively, constantly, and without chemical odors
  • Compatible with all major hot tub brands
  • Handles up to 500 gallon spas
  • Works alongside chlorine, bromine, ozone, and UV sanitizers
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For decades, savvy hot tub owners have used silver-based treatments to boost the cleansing power of spa chemicals. Our exclusive SPAPURITY™ mineral cartridge helps your hot tub water stay clean and odor-free. SPAPURITY™ contains activated charcoal filtration pellets alongside silver, copper, and zinc, making it an effective spa additive.

SPAPURITY™ mineral cartridge contains a careful balance of silver, copper, and zinc. In water, these metals ionize and become part of your water chemistry. As a result, your weekly regimen of spa chemicals will do a better job keeping your water clean. You’ll find yourself adding chemicals less often. Also, the cartridge contains filtration pellets that capture debris and impurities.

Minerals alone are not enough to effectively sanitize your hot tub. Please use SPAPURITY™ alongside chlorine, bromine, or ultraviolet light systems to kill germs and keep your family safe.

Directions for use:

If your hot tub has a weir gate chamber designed for mineral cartridges, put SPAPURITY™ there. Otherwise, place the SPAPURITY™ cartridge near your filters. You want it exposed to circulating water. Be sure not to place it where it might obstruct jets or water intake valves. Test your spa water weekly. Replace cartridge every four months.

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spapurity mineral cartridge

Hot Tub Things SPAPURITY™ Mineral Cartridge

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