SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control (1 qt)


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  • SpaGuard Spa Stain & Scale Control – 1 Quart
  • Prevents scale formation and cloudy water due to high calcium levels
  • Removes some scale buildup on spa surface
  • Removes relatively fresh metal stains from spa surfaces
  • Simply add this powerful liquid formula weekly to safeguard your spa or hot tub from these threats. Color of the liquid is natural brown

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What is it?

Scale formation is created when there is an oversaturation of minerals, particularly calcium, in the spa water and water conditions do not allow them to remain dissolved or soluble. Those conditions may be high calcium hardness, high water temperatures and/or high pH. The minerals drop out of solution and rough, sandpaper-like deposits attach to spa surfaces, circulation and filtration systems and plug heaters. Conversely, low levels of calcium make the water more aggressive and can lead to corrosion of equipment and spa surface staining.

To remove scale:

  • Add Stain & Scale Control​ to gradually remove scale from surfaces
  • Use a brush and Off The Wall® Surface Cleaner​ to quickly clean surfaces
  • Test water to determine current chemistry conditions
  • Add pH Decreaser​ if pH is high

To prevent scale:

  • Add Stain & Scale Control​ to your weekly maintenance routine to reduce contaminant levels


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SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control (1 qt)

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