SpaGuard Brominating Tabs 1.5lb


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  • 24 oz bottle of brom tabs
  • tablets measure 1.25″ diameter and fit most dispensers
  • low-odor, low-maintenance formula
  • requires shock and/or sodium bromide when filling tub with fresh water
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Spend less time with your sanitizer

SpaGuard Brominating Tabs are an easier way to keep your water clean and germ-free. The tablets dissolve slowly over a week or longer. As a result, you won’t need to add fresh sanitizer after each hot tub session. Standard 1 1/4″ tablets fit most bromine dispensers and floaters.

Bromine kills bacteria, viruses, algae, and other microbes that can cloud your water and make you sick. The durability of bromine is its main selling point. Brom Tabs keep working for days, making them ideal for families that travel or use their hot tubs only occasionally. Also, bromine has less odor and far less bleaching power than chlorine. Your bathing suits and towels will last longer!

How to use SpaGuard brominating tablets

Fill up usage: When you refill fill your hot tub with fresh water, replace all the brom tabs in your floater or dispenser. Add 1oz of shock and 1oz of sodium bromide to establish a safe bromine reserve. If you don’t plan to use your tub right away, you can skip the sodium bromide—but please wait 24 hours before anyone enters the hot tub. Really do use a floater or other dispenser. Whole brom tabs will sink to the floor of your tub, where they are unpleasant to step on.

Weekly usage: Keep 2–3 tablets in your dispenser if you have a standard 300 gallon hot tub. For larger 500 gallon tubs, try to keep 3–4 tablets in the dispenser. Swim spa owners should consult their user manual for the correct dosage.

Bromine alone is not an effective sanitizer or shock. Use SpaGuard Spa Shock-Oxidizer to unlock the sanitizing power of SpaGuard Brominating Tabs. Do not mix chlorine with bromine. A strong odor will result.

Test your water weekly with test strips designed for bromine.

Bromine is a serious, germ-killing chemical. Store it out of reach of young children and pets.

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SpaGuard Brominating Tabs 1.5lb

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