SpaGuard Brominating Tablets (4.5 lb)


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  • Organic brominating compound (BCDMH) in compressed 1-inch tablets
  • Dissolve slowly and protect continuously
  • Ideal for heavy bather loads and commercial spas
  • Apply in a brominator or in a SpaGuard floating dispenser
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SpaGuard’s Brominating Tablets provide spa owners with an organic brominating compound in time-release tablet form to provide continuous spa sanitation, while simplifying maintenance. Aimed at commercial spas and spas with large numbers of bathers, this tablet is acidic and will lower spa pH levels, so constant monitoring is necessary for optimal spa health. Brominating Tablets are designed for use with brominators and SpaGuard’s Floating Dispenser.


  1. Ensure all spa equipment is working properly.
  2. Backwash the filter system following manufacturers directions.
  3. Adjust pH to between 7.2-7.6.
  4. When using other products as outlined in directions for this product, always follow directions on thos products.
  5. Fill spa bromine feeder with this product and adjust feeder following manufacturers directions to yield bromine residual between 2-4 ppm in residential spas and 4-6 ppm in commercial spas.
  6. Check feeder regularly and add additional product as needed to maintain the bromine residual.
  7. The pump and filter should be operated for at least 3 hours every day whether the spa is used or not.

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Weight 4.83 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7.25 × 3.6 in


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SpaGuard Brominating Tablets (4.5 lb)

SpaGuard Brominating Tablets (4.5 lb)

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