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  • Everything You Need To Start Up Your New Hot Tub
  • America’s #1 Trusted Brand of Hot Tub Chemicals
  • Safety Tested to Assure Quality, Guaranteed Performance
  • Formulated Exclusively for Hot Tubs And Made from the Purest Chemicals Available
  • Compare to Leisure Time Chlorine Starter Kit
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Our Hot Tub Starter Kit contains all of the chemicals, accessories, and know-how you’ll need to maintain your hot tub. Whether you’re an old pro or just getting started with your first hot tub, our Chlorine Starter Kit is the perfect place to begin. We designed our hot tub starter kit to handle any kind of water issue that can arise during the first month of ownership. By the time you’ve used up these supplies, you’ll understand the water conditions in your area, and you’ll know which of our acclaimed full-size water care products are right for you.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 lb. Chlorinating Granules: Chlorine is the cornerstone of clean, healthy water. Even if you also use minerals or ozone, you must use a chemical sanitizer. Please don’t kid around here.
  • 1.25lb pH & Alkalinity Down: If you have “hard water” with high mineral content, you need a little acid to prevent unsightly buildup of sediment and fine particles.
  • 1.25lb pH & Alkalinity Up: If you have very “soft water” that tends a bit acidic, you can damage your expensive pipes, plumbing, and pillows.
  • 1lb Oxidizing Spa Shock: Our 2.2lb MPS shock is our best-selling product. Shock “resets” your chlorine—or your bromine—so you can use fewer chemicals and get less odor!
  • 1 pint Spa Clarifier: A clean filter is the key to clear water, but adding clarifier now and then helps fine particles to “clump up” so the filter can grab them.
  • 1 pint Metal Out: Add this whenever you refill your hot tub with fresh water. We recommend a complete water changeover with each new season.
  • 50pcs Test Strips: Don’t be nervous. By the fifth test strip, you’ll completely understand how to read these essential guides to safe, healthy hot tub water.
  • Our friendly, colorful hot tub owner’s guide. Written in plain English on waterproof paper (!) just in case. We’ve all been there.

The Power of our Starter Kit

Hot Tub Things Chlorine Starter Kit is everything you need to start up your new spa, hot tub, or swim spas. Whether you are an experienced hot tub owner or just getting started, our kit helps you make a clean start.

Every region of the country has different water challenges. Some areas have iron content in the water, low pH from local wells, or airborne pollen and dust. Whatever your local water conditions, our starter kit has the chemicals and supplies you need. It also comes with our helpful and friendly guide to testing and adjusting your water.

Each kit comes with test strips for testing your water, instructions for how to read those test strips, pH & Alkalinity Up, pH & Alkalinity Down, Chlorinating Granules, Metal Out, Spa Clarifier, and our bestselling Chlorine-Free Spa Shock.

Buying a Jacuzzi, Sundance Spa, Bullfrog Spa, Nordic Hot Tub, or Hydropool Swim Spa is a huge investment in your health, fitness, and home value. That’s why a Hot Tub Things Chlorine Starter Kit comes free with every hot tub and swim spa sold by Paradise Valley Spas in Northern California.

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Hot Tub Things Chlorine Starter Kit

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