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  • No assembly, easy installation – one prefilled stick easily fits into the filter, where it works for 4 months
  • Filter Mate contains FROG Sanitizing Minerals, which work together with chlorine or bromine to kill bacteria 2 ways, giving you more peace of mind
  • FROG Sanitizing Minerals lower chlorine or bromine use up to 50%* and help keep the water clean and crystal clear
  • Turns ordinary hot tub water into Fresh Mineral Water, its Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier to take care of.
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How does the FROG® Filter Mate® Mineral Sanitizer work?

The FROG® Filter Mate® Sanitizer fits easily into the center of your spa’s filter cartridge. It is a one-piece design that can be shortened if necessary. The unique design draws in your spa water through the openings in the cap and sides and circulates it through our patented mineral formula dispensing a low level of minerals into the spa. Simply supplement with 1 ppm of chlorine or bromine.

FROG Filter Mate is a patented sanitizing mineral formula that destroys bacteria. It also neutralizes acids, which helps keep pH balanced with less monitoring, that’s much less work for you and no worry! Hot tub water is cleaner, because FROG Filter Mate works with a low level of chlorine or bromine kill bacteria 2 ways. Minerals help keep the pH balanced for clearer water that shines and conditions the water for a softer feel. FROG Filter Mate is prefilled for no mess, no guess and no stress. Hot tub water care is much easier. *Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended chlorine level of 2.0 ppm. for a hot tub.

About FROG Pool & Hot Tub Products

For more than 25 years, FROG has sanitized pool and hot tubs in its unique, patented way. FROG features prefilled cartridges for no mess, no guess, and no stress pool and hot tub care. Each FROG product uses Fresh Mineral Water∞ to make your water Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier®. No matter what size pool or hot tub you have, we make a product for it!




How does FROG Filter Mate Work?

It simply fits in the center of most filter cartridges.  The one-piece design makes it stronger so no chance of breakage.  Set the dial to the 4 month replacement date and drop it in the filter.

How long does FROG Filter Mate last?

4 months or whenever you drain and refill the hot tub.

What if FROG Filter Mate doesn’t fit in my filter cartridge?

You may set it in the filter well or skimmer tray. If it is too long, you can cut off part of the stem using the notches.

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FROG® Filter Mate® Sanitizer

FROG® Filter Mate® Mineral Sanitizer

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