FROG® @ease® System for Bullfrog® Spas


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Keep your Bullfrog Spa clean, clear, fresh, and safe with the innovative mineral sanitizer system designed specifically for your hot tub!

  • Time-release chlorine means stable water chemistry.
  • Frog @ease is the manufacturer-recommended sanitizer for 2019 Bullfrog Spas.
  • Use less chlorine with Frog minerals.
  • Each SmartChlor cartridge lasts for up to five weeks.
  • Most Bullfrog spas after 2013 can be upgraded to use Frog @Ease.
  • Spa Frog is the leading designer of mineral sanitizing systems.
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The FROG® @ease® System for Bullfrog® Spas (by King Technology) for Bullfrog Spas is the manufacturer-recommended method of keeping your hot tub free of germs and algae.

Upgrade your spa with ease. Bullfrog Spas prior to 2019 require a one-time purchase of the frog cartridge holder.

When the amount of SmartChlor (silver cartridge) is depleted, replacing it is so simple by purchasing the Smartchlor 3-pack refills.

Ever Wonder why your spa water is cloudy like a foggy morning? Might be the sanitizer you were using before. Most sanitizers contain cyanuric acid.

What is cyanuric acid?

This is an ingredient found in many chlorine products that help protect the chlorine from being burned off by the sun. Think of it as sunscreen for your chlorine.  The problem is hot tubs are rarely ever left out in direct sunlight for hours at a time so there is no need to have cyanuric acid (CYA) in hot tub water.

Why does cyanuric acid cause problems?

When cyanuric acid (CYA) builds up, it actually makes chlorine less effective. When that happens the chlorine can’t keep up and you start to experience cloudy water with smelly odors and end up spending more time and money trying to keep the water clean and clear.

How can I keep cyanuric acid out of my hot tub?

That’s the easy part. FROG® @ease® is an innovative water care system that has 0% CYA.  It’s unique SmartChlor® Technology is self-regulating so it goes to work automatically whenever you need sanitizing protection.  With zero CYA, your water will stay cleaner, longer. Learn More

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FROG® @ease® System for Bullfrog® Spas

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