FROG @ease SmartChlor Cartridge 3-Pack for Sundance® Spas


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  • Time-release chlorine means stable water chemistry.
  • Frog @ease is the Sundance-approved sanitizer for 2021 Sundance Spas.
  • Use less chlorine with Frog minerals.
  • Each SmartChlor cartridge lasts for up to five weeks.
  • Most Sundance Spas after 2010 can be upgraded to use Frog @Ease.
  • Spa Frog is the leading designer of mineral sanitizing systems.

Frog @ease refills for Sundance give you a whole season (12+ weeks) of easy, low-chlorine sanitizing when used along with the Frog @ease Sanitizing System for Sundance Spas.

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On-demand SmartChlor™ sanitation with @ease refills for Sundance Spas

Keep your Sundance Spa clean, sparkling, and safe by sanitizing your water with Spa Frog SmartChlor chlorine refills. Designed by Frog with the full cooperation of Sundance Spas, the @ease system dispenses just the right amount of chlorine to kill germs, algae, and bacteria. Rotate the bottom dial 1-2-3-4-5 to match the size (gallons) of your hot tub, and the @ease System will do the rest.

This refill package includes three SmartChlor chlorine cartridges. Each cartridge provides 3–4 weeks of consistent, automatic sanitizer. When used with the Frog @ease System for Sundance Spas (sold separately), you’ll get an entire season of SmartChlor. Worry-free and hassle-free, SmartChlor keeps your family safe using up to 75% less chlorine than conventional spa care routines. Your bathing suits will keep their color and you’ll have less chemical odor. Also, you’ll be able to test your water just once a week, and shock your tub only once a month! We recommend Frog Maintain non-chlorine shock for that purpose.

These are three SmartChlor refills only. These are the grey ones. No minerals or test strips are included. When the season ends (about every three months), please buy a new @ease System to get fresh minerals, test strips, and an additional SmartChlor cartridge.

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FROG @ease SmartChlor Cartridge 3-Pack for Sundance® Spas

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