LaMotte Insta-Test 4 Plus Test Strips (50 strips)


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  • 50 pool and spa test strips
  • protect your equipment from corrosion and your guests from bacteria by testing your hot tub water twice per week
  • easy color-coded results in seconds permit you to make quick and clear adjustments to your spa chemistry
  • works with both chlorine hot tubs and bromine hot tubs
  • tests for free chlorine, bromine, total chlorine, alkalinity, and pH
  • Made in USA

Note: These test strips are fully compatible with chlorine and with bromine sanitizers. However, they do not work at all with biguanide (BaquaSpa) sanitizers. If you use the FROG @Ease System or the FROG @Ease System for Bullfrog spas, these test strips will (incorrectly) report that your chlorine level is too low.

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Keep your hot tub water safe by testing the water regularly. These test strips make it easy.

Compatible with both chlorine and bromine sanitizers, Insta-TEST 4 Plus strips give you clear, quick, and accurate readings. A backyard spa is a busy, dynamic environment: rain, pollen, shampoo residue, and suntan lotion can change your water chemistry quickly. Testing twice each week helps you detect minor problems before they become big problems.

Manufacturer’s description: This test strip is a 1-Dip method, so you get the information you need without swirling or waiting. The new Insta-TEST 1-Dip formula features stable color reactions without cross-contaminated pads. An easy to read color chart comes with each bottle.

By design, hot tub test strips contain highly sensitive chemical pads. They have a shelf life of only about 18 months. Expiration dates matter with these things. We check our inventory regularly to ensure we do not sell strips that have expired or are close to their expiration date. Please don’t cut corners by using strips from three years ago. A 50-count bottle costs $12 and is far cheaper than flushing out your jets and pumps because your water chemistry got out of balance. Likewise, please don’t “stock up” on this item. That would be like “stocking up” on fresh milk; these things have an expiration date, so it’s best to make small, regular purchases.

We get it. Some of you are here looking for a cheap thing to get free shipping. That’s legitimate, but if you are buying an @Ease System (for general hot tubs or for Bullfrog hot tubs), these strips won’t work. Consider buying some SCUMBALLS instead. SCUMBALLS work with all sanitizers and water chemistries. They are cheap, effective, and fun.


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LaMotte Insta-Test 4 Plus Test Strips (50 strips)

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