SilkBalance Gems Water Care (4 month supply)

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SilkBalance Gems Water Care (4 month supply)

Brand: SilkBalance™ SKU: P2023

Product Description


After more than 10 years of helping people enjoy their hot tub water, SilkBalance has introduced its same scientifically-proven, customer-approved and patented formula in a dissoluble gem. Simply toss and go once a week for crystal, clear water that makes your skin feel soft, balances pH and Alkalinity and neutralizes odors – all while protecting your spa components. No more measuring caps and impossible to spill, SilkBalance Gems dissolve in less than 20 seconds when placed in the filter compartment or jet stream. Easy water care just got even easier!

SilkBalance is the only water care system developed and tested with real science that allows hot tub owners to enjoy silky, soft water along with balanced pH and alkalinity.

Your sanitizers will work better. You will use fewer harsh chemicals, eliminating the need for more than a dozen common commodity products. If you have a salt sanitizing system, it won’t have to work as hard and the cell will last longer, as will all the parts underneath your spa that will be  protected by SilkBalance.

Want to see how clear your spa water will be after a treatment?


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