Pool Complete® Weekly (3 L)

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Pool Complete® Weekly (3 L)

Brand: BioGuard SKU: 25767BIO

Product Description

Pool Complete® Weekly is the perfect complement to the BioGuard 3-Step System as it raises pool care to the next level by enhancing the visual look of pools in ways no other single product can. Pool Complete® Weekly uses a proprietary blend of targeted enzymes, clarifiers and a phosphate remover to elevate your pool care routine and keep your water in peak condition. It actively works in the background to remove unseen contaminants and improve filtration, which frees your 3-Step products to focus on what they do best as well. We've got to say it again cause it's just that amazing - This proprietary, 3-in-1 high-intensity weekly formula will:
  • Keeps water AMAZINGLY clear
  • Prevents waterline buildup
  • Removes phosphates
Loving Pool Complete? Introducing the newest product from Bioguard® to the Pool Complete® family: Pool Complete® 911. Clear cloudy water with this instant water rescue treatment - contains powerful enzymes and high-powered clarifiers to quickly eliminate those unwanted conditions, with significant results in just 24 hours.   [embed]https://youtu.be/jy_iZZ9ECl4[/embed]   How much should I use? One capful (4 oz.) per 10,000 gallons per week will create a noticeably better-looking pool! Why take the additional step of an enhances? Your pool is your investment. Having beautiful, sparkling clean water allows you to enjoy spending time in your pool. Enhancers bring out the beauty in your water and keep your filter working at maximum efficiency so you have more time in the pool instead of outside of it.

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