inSPAration Hawaiian Sunset Spa and Bath Fragrance (Tropical Sunset)

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inSPAration Hawaiian Sunset Spa and Bath Fragrance (Tropical Sunset)

Brand: inSPAration® SKU: ES-7340

Product Description

Family Owned & Operated - Made in America

A True “Family Owned and Operated” manufacturer since 1975, inSPAration was the very first aromatherapy to hit the market for the Pool/Spa and hydrotherapy world. We develop all of our proprietary blends in Southern California and pride ourselves in offering the best quality products and services. We continue developing new and exciting aromatherapy with one goal in mind: offer the ultimate Pool/Spa & Bath experience to meet the needs and desires of every user.

Clean Formulation

inSPAration uses the best completely water-soluble ingredients in all of our products. You can be confident inSPAration aromatherapy will never leave a mess in your tub. Perfect for the next soak in your spa, hot tub, whirlpool tub or bathtub. Simply soak and relax ..... no clean up necessary.

Safe in All Applications

inSPAration is ideal for masking those unwanted chemical odors without foaming, clouding or coloring the water, affecting PH Level or water chemistry. Perfect for Chlorine, Bromine and all Salt Water Pools and Spas. Formulated specially for jetted systems whether for Spas, Hot Tubs, or Hydrotherapy Tubs. inSPAration is water soluble and has been Certified and proven to be safe for all motors, pumps, jets and acrylics. * Testing by: DuPont - Rick S. Marek 3/16/88

Product Specification