Hot Tub Things 281 Microban® Filter 2-pack (Compatible 10-00281, Wellspring 18 Coreless, Pleatco PBF17 PBF17-M)

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Hot Tub Things 281 Microban® Filter 2-pack (Compatible 10-00281, Wellspring 18 Coreless, Pleatco PBF17 PBF17-M)

Brand: Hot Tub Things™ SKU: 60281M-2PK

Product Description

Introducing the newest filter to join our Hot Tub Things family: the Hot Tub Things 10-00281 Filter!

With Bullfrog Spas® being renown for their advanced and revolutionary coreless design, we wanted to bring this type to all our current and new Bullfrog owners. What's the difference?  The difference is solely the price-point. For a fraction of the price of replacement Wellspring 281 filters for Bullfrog Spas®, you receive the same high-quality filter technology. No need to sacrifice what that you have grown accustomed with regardless of it being weeks, months, or even years. This helps reduce plastic waste when the times comes to switch out filters. All this is possible with our the Hot Tub Things 10-00281 Filter. Many have asked: why the blue filter pleats? Is this any different than the white pleats? Is it important? Not only do we want the physical look of the filters to be a smooth transition for Bullfrog owners, we want the same filter capabilities. The blue pleats are Microban Antimicrobial pleats. With Microban technology, the filter is able to resist the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mold and mildew. Microban protection allows your filter to stay cleaner with longer longevity when compared to regular filter pleats.
  • STIL Series Spas 2018 - Present
  • STIL Series Spas from 2015 - 2017 when used with Filter Cage Core Assembly (sold separately)
  • The Cage Adapter is inserted into the filter end that has the notch. To secure the filter, screw the cap on the side of the filter that does not have the notch.
Our branded filter is an amazing replacement for your
  • Wellspring 10-00281, Wellspring 18 Coreless, Pleatco PBF17, PBF17-M
Even though you may keep your filters crisp and clean, they will need to be replaced. Not sure how to do this? Watch the video below (from Bullfrog Spas Tri-Cities): [embed][/embed]

Product Specification