10-00417 | Bullfrog® Spas Core Cage Filter Adapter (2017 - Present)

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10-00417 | Bullfrog® Spas Core Cage Filter Adapter (2017 - Present)

Brand: Bullfrog Spas® SKU: 10-00417

Upgrade to the Latest Bullfrog Filtration

Bullfrog Spas retain their luxury and value because they are upgradeable by design. This filter cartridge adapter brings new levels of comfort and clarity to your spa. Even if your Bullfrog was made before 2017, you can still use the latest Bullfrog/Wellspring filter cartridges. This simple plastic cage fits inside Bullfrog 10-00282 or Bullfrog 10-00281 filters (not included). Without any tools or headache, you can have your Bullfrog hot tub using the latest filters!

This adapter is compatible with most Bullfrog Spa models:
  • A-Series pre-2017
  • R-Series pre-2017
  • x-Series pre-2017
  • STIL Series pre-2017
If you have doubts, please contact us before purchasing. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase, and that means making sure you only buy what you need. Many Bullfrog hot tubs use filters in pairs, so you may need two of these adapters. The adapter should last you for several years; please keep it as you clean and replace filters.

If your hot tub is from 2017 or newer, you don't need this filter cartridge adapter. Why not upgrade your spa with an official Bullfrog @Ease automatic sanitizing system instead?


Product Description

Upgrade your Bullfrog Spa to use modern Wellspring/Bullfrog brand filters.

Upgrade your spa with ease. Bullfrog Spas prior to 2017 require a one-time purchase of this easy-to-install filter adapter. No tools or hassle required. Just put this plastic core inside your new 10-00281 filter or 10-00282 filter. This filter adapter is a durable part that should last you for several years as you replace your hot tub filters.
  • Part # 10-00417 is a genuine Bullfrog part, so you know it was designed with your spa in mind.
  • Modern filtration media trap dirt, pollen, and microbes while allowing clear water to pass through.
  • Use less chlorine with modern filtration.

Product Specification