SCUMBALLS Oil Absorbing Sponge for Hot Tubs (2 pack) SCUMBALLS Oil Absorbing Sponge for Hot Tubs (2 pack)
Horizon Ventures© SCUMBALLS Oil Absorbing Sponge for Hot Tubs (2 pack) $13.98
It's good to get into a hot tub with a couple of SCUMBALLS! Toss a SCUMBALL or two into your hot tub. Tell them to keep it clean. SCUMBALLS work best when they're fresh. But if a SCUMBALL gets too dirty for you, you can toss it right out of your hot tub. Some people buy an oil absorbing sponge to qualify for free shipping. And that's fine. But we recommend SCUMBALLS because they save you lots of money and work. Pound for pound, no other hot tub product will work so hard. SCUMBALLS keep your water clear and your filter clean. A Horizon SCUMBALL is an oil absorbing sponge that floats. It's as simple and as beautiful as that. Oil floats on water. SCUMBALLS float on water. And a SCUMBALL is an oil absorbing sponge. So the lotions and oils from your skin and hair will naturally rise in your hot tub, leaving you with surface scum and foamy water. These oils will stain and discolor your hot tub filter if they become trapped there. Scum can also leave an unsightly ring at the water's edge. Float a SCUMBALL or two in your hot tub to grab up some of those oils as they hit the surface. Sure, you can (and should) oxidize these organic residues away with our Oxidizing Spa Shock, but try SCUMBALLS as a cheap, easy and fun first step. Instructions: Float one SCUMBALL in your small hot tub, or two in your large hot tub. Make sure SCUMBALLS do not get sucked into your filter area;(most spas have a screen or gate to prevent this). It is safe to leave SCUMBALLS in your tub 24/7 . When a SCUMBALL has absorbed oil and lotion, remove it from your hot tub, squeeze it dry, and rinse the sponge in clean water. If the SCUMBALL starts to turn yellow or brown, throw it away.