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Hot Tub Cover Winterizing Tips

Maintain Water Chemistry

Some people may think that if you don’t use your hot tub, you don’t have to add chemicals and maintain it regularly. This is false. No matter how much you use your hot tub you at least still have to test the water weekly, balance the pH, add shock oxidizer, and sanitize. People tend to use their hot tubs much less in the winter, and this period of time can often cause hot tub and hot tub cover issues if maintenance is not kept up. Long periods of non-use have the potential to cause mildew to form on the hot tub cover. Maintaining water balance is an essential aspect of making sure mildew or mold does not grow in or around your hot tub cover.

Cleaning and Conditioning the Hot Tub Cover

Cleaning and conditioning your hot tub cover before winter is a one of the best ways to protect it from the elements. Even if you don’t usually condition your cover, doing it once a year before winter is a good idea. A conditioner will help keep the vinyl from cracking or drying out in the winter months. This is especially true for people who live in areas that get colder than -20° F. For instructions on how to clean and condition your hot tub cover, refer to our Cover Care Guide page.

If mildew develops, make sure to clean it properly following the instruction in our Cover Care Guide. The hot tub cover can be very delicate, so taking care of the cover properly ensures that it last it’s full lifespan.

Use Cover Features Properly

Use the tie down straps and clips in stormy weather. The straps will keep the hot tub cover from moving around or flying off your hot tub. Make sure to open your hot tub cover by its handles, not it’s cover skirt. Pulling the cover skirt can weaken the seams of the cover vinyl and make it susceptible to damage.

Remove Snow and Debris Properly

When snow or debris accumulates on your hot tub cover, you might immediately think to shovel it off as you would a driveway or deck. Using a rake or shovel to remove snow from a hot tub cover could puncture, rip, or scratch the vinyl. This type of damage makes the foam susceptible to water logging, mildew, mold, and heat loss. To properly remove snow and debris, use a soft broom to remove accumulation on the cover top. This will not damage the vinyl.
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