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Our sense of smell has a strong impact on our emotional state of being. The horrible smell of a skunk’s spray can make you so tense that you distort your facial expression. Similarly, the smell of freshly baked cookies can trigger an energetic response and an insatiable hunger for something sweet. Imagine the relaxing sensation you get from soaking in your spa and intensify that with Aromatherapy! In addition to the mental stimulation from aromatherapy, there is physical stimulation through skin softening emollients to sooth fatigued muscles and leave your skin soft and renewed. We offer a wide variety of spa scents to entice your senses that come in the form of Aromatherapy Crystals, Aromatherapy Elixirs, and Aromatherapy Beads.

aromatherapy crystals aromatherapy elixirs aromatherapy beads

There are a number of Aromatherapy Crystals brands including: Cense Island Pleasures, Cense Quiet Escape, Nexa Dead-Sea Minerals, Spa Crystals Eucalyptus, Spa Crystals Pomegranate, Spazazz Kiwi Pear, Spazazz Strawberries ‘n’ Champagne - Romance, Spazazz Sex on The Beach - Erotic, Spazazz Muscle Therapy Rx Crystals – Hot ‘n’ Icy, and Spazazz Joint Therapy Rx Crystals – Inflammation. All you have to do is put in your desired amount of crystals into the water and enjoy!

The Aromatherapy Elixirs offer a slightly different selection of spa scents just in case you decide that the crystals don’t quite do it for you. These brands include: EsScents Liquid Energy, EsScents liquid Relax, EsScents Liquid Tropical Cherry, inSPAration Wellness Elixir – Chamomile, inSPAration Wellness Elixir – Mangosteen & Goji, Spazazz Honey Mango Original Elixir – Arouse, Spazazz Tropical Rain Original Elixir – Revitalize, and Spazazz Coconut Vanilla Original Elixir – Exotic. This product instantly dissolves into your spa water giving you instant satisfaction!

If you are a Sundance 800 series spa owner, then you have the option to use our Aromatherapy Beads. The advantage to the beads is that they are placed into the SunScents air blower compartment. This means that the product is pushed through the blowers into your spa and will dissipate when the air bubbles reach the surface giving off a pleasant smell. This also means that you can enjoy the scent of your choice while you are soaking in your tub, and get out of the spa not smelling like the product you just used. Explore our Aromatherapy Beads featuring brands: Spazazz Aruba Orange Tropical Spa Beads-Energy, Spazazz Bahama Berry Tropical Spa Beads-Relax, SPAroma – Cherry Blossom, and SPAroma – Lavender. Indulge in your senses with the aromatherapy beads to create a completely new hot tub experience!

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