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Our sense of smell has a strong impact on our emotional state of being. The horrible smell of a skunk’s spray can make you so tense that you distort your facial expression. Similarly, the smell of freshly baked cookies can trigger an energetic response and an insatiable hunger for something sweet. Imagine the relaxing sensation you get from soaking in your spa and intensify that with Aromatherapy! In addition to the mental stimulation from aromatherapy, there is physical stimulation through skin softening emollients to sooth fatigued muscles and leave your skin soft and renewed. We offer a wide variety of spa scents to entice your senses that come in the form of Aromatherapy Crystals, Aromatherapy Elixirs, and Aromatherapy Beads.

aromatherapy crystals aromatherapy elixirs aromatherapy beads

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