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Spa Cover Care Guide

Why should I clean my hot tub cover?

Hot tub covers are expensive, but let us remind you why you decided to invest in one. First, covers keep your electric bill down by allowing the spa heater to run more efficiently. Second, covers reduce the need for water chemistry maintenance and cleaning by keeping out debris and animals. Lastly, covers provide safety by preventing anyone from falling in unexpectedly. The warranty on your spa cover protects you from paying for original defects in the materials or manufacturing of the cover but it does not apply to any damage from everyday wear and tear, spa cover abuse, accidents or neglect to properly care for your spa cover. Regular hot tub cover cleaning and maintenance will ensure your spa cover gives you the lasting results you want and the protection your spa needs.

Protecting Your Spa Cover From Everyday Wear

Protecting your hot tub cover from daily damage is important to making your investment last. When cleaning your hot tub cover it is important to follow our directions carefully and only use specialty products recommended for hot tub covers that won’t damage vinyl. You can browse through our Cover Cleaners under Hot Tub Chemicals. Rinsing or wiping down your hot tub cover monthly, plus using these products to treat and clean your hot tub cover every few months will keep your cover in great shape for years to come.

How to Properly Clean and Treat Your Hot Tub Cover

Follow our guide for an easy to follow regimen on hot tub cover maintenance. Do not use products that contain the following: dish soap, oil, detergent, bleach, or alcohol. Abrasive cleaners will damage the vinyl, making it susceptible to cracking, fading, and permanent damage.

Cleaning the Cover:

  1. Rinse your hot tub cover with water. The easiest way is to hose it down.
  2. Apply a non-abrasive cleaner to your cloth or sponge and slowly begin wiping down all the hot tub cover vinyl. Reapply cleaner to your cloth as needed. Don’t forget to clean the cover skirt!
  3. Rinse the cover down thoroughly so no cleaner is left. If there are still spots on the cover that need extra care, spray these spots with your non-abrasive cleaner and let soak for 3 minutes. Wipe away with sponge and repeat if necessary.
  4. Rinse cover thoroughly, and wipe down with towel or let dry.

Treating the Cover:

  1. After the hot tub cover is rinsed and dried, get out your hot tub cover treatment product. We recommend 303 Aerospace Protectant or Leisure Time Cover Care & Conditioner. These products will protect your cover from the elements by adding a UV resistant layer and by increasing water, dirt, and dust repellency.
  2. Depending on which product you purchase, read instructions for proper use. You will either apply the treatment to the cover directly or a cloth and rub onto the cover vinyl liberally.

Troubleshooting Cover Issues


Fading is a result of sun damage on the vinyl. Applying a cover treatment in the first few months of owning your cover will help prevent fading from the sun. If your cover is already very faded it is not too late to prevent further damage! Clean your cover following the directions in the above section, and treat your cover with either 303 Aerospace Protectant or Leisure Time Cover Care & Conditioner.


Moss can be removed using your non-abrasive all purpose cleaner and a sponge. Scrub until it is completely removed from the cover. Rinse cover after cleaning is done.

Mildew or Mold

If your water chemistry is perfect, but you’re still getting a dirty smell from your tub then you may have a mildew or mold issue. If you see any black spots on the underside of your hot tub cover, then you definitely have a mildew issue. Mildew issues are the only time you should use an abrasive cleaner, because mildew will return if not properly treated.
  • Remove the cover from the hot tub, and then remove the foam inserts from the vinyl encasement. If the foam inserts are waterlogged, see the waterlogged section for advice.
  • Mix two gallons of water, a teaspoon of mild dish soap, and one-cup bleach together in a bucket.
  • Dip a soft bristle brush in the cleaning solution and scrub the inside of the vinyl encasement, as well as the underside of the cover.
  • Take a damp cloth and thoroughly wipe down foam inserts and place in a shady place to dry.
  • Thoroughly rinse the whole cover, inside and outside, and dry with a towel. Leave the casing in the sun to dry completely.

Small Rips and Tears

Any rips and tears in the hot tub cover need to be sealed immediately to prevent the foam core from absorbing water and becoming waterlogged. To seal a hole in the hot tub cover use our Tear-Aid pack that is produced specifically for repairing vinyl. Follow the directions on the box carefully.


Waterlogged covers are often irreparable. The only option we can recommend is to remove the foam inserts from the vinyl casing and place them in a shady place to drain and dry. Placing the foam in the direct sun could cause the inserts to melt, so be careful with their placement. If the foam dries out and is ready for use again, check the cover encasement for any puncture holes and patch those up if you find any. If leaving the inserts out for a couple days does not show any improvement, you will have to replace the entire cover. Contact us for more information on custom replacement covers!

Preventative Measures to Make Your Cover Last

There are many things you can do on a regular basis to keep your hot tub cover in pristine condition. Here are some of our tips:

Fading and Cracking can be prevented by:

  • Rinsing and wiping down the cover once a month
  • Following our cleaning and treatment instructions every 3 months. Using a proper treatment product is important to making your cover last.
  • Using a treatment product on the hot tub cover in the first weeks of owning it to protect the vinyl from initial sun damage.

Mildew and Mold can be prevented by:

  • Using a treatment on the spa cover regularly
  • Leaving the hot tub cover open after adding chemicals. When chemicals dissipate, they can damage the hot tub cover if they are trapped and concentrated between the cover and the water surface. Also be sure to add to appropriate dose of chemicals or any excess may cause excess damage.
  • Maintain proper water chemistry

Waterlogged covers can be prevented by:

  • Checking for signs of moisture in the cover regularly
  • Checking for any small punctures in the hot tub cover where moisture can seep in.
  • Regularly using a treatment product on the hot tub vinyl to minimize damage where moisture invasion may occur.

Tears and Punctures can be prevented by:

  • Opening the hot tub cover by its handles, and not by pulling on its skirt.
  • Using a broom to remove snow from the area at cover surface instead of a shovel. If the snow is deep, use a shovel up to about a half-foot, then finish by sweeping the snow off.
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