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Preparing Your Hot Tub for Cold Weather

Nothing is better than soaking in a hot tub during the cold winter months. Follow these tips to winterize your hot tub properly.

Keep Your Hot Tub Warm

Re-acquaint yourself with your hot tub's operating instructions. Many spas come equipped with a freeze protection system. As the temperature drops, activate this setting. Other spas have a timer/auto heat mode selector. If you have one of these, make sure it is set to the auto-heat mode to prevent freezing. For spas without one of these settings, you can set the timer to cycle on and off at regular intervals. In the frozen north, you may need to cycle the hot tub 15 minutes every hour. Keeping your spa from freezing is essential to preventing damage to the plumbing and other equipment such as pumps, spa heaters, and jets.

Use Air Jets Sparingly

Air jets inject colder air into the water, increasing your energy consumption. Though the air injectors are a wonderful type of soft tissue massage, in colder months, we recommend using your air jets sparingly.

Clean Your Hot Tub Before the Weather Gets Miserable

Draining and re-filling a hot tub can be a pain when the barometer drops. Drain and refill your hot tub before the weather turns foul.

Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

If you haven't replaced your hot tub cover in a while, consider replacing it before winter starts. Not only will you save money on energy, but you’ll use fewer chemicals and not have to struggle with muscling an old water-logged or torn cover on and off your spa. Old hot tub covers do not insulate well, which increases your energy costs and adds to the amount of chemicals needed. What's more, having the right hot tub cover for the weather is important. Be sure to choose a hot tub cover that can handle heavy snow if you live in an area that gets a lot of the white stuff. We have the right cover for every environment, give us a try.

Watch the Water Level

If you let the water level go down too low, the pump could shut down, the water will stop circulating, and the temperature will not be maintained, causing everything to freeze. Keeping water at the proper level prevents freezing and keeps your spa in perfect running order.

If You Lose Power

Power outages are often a part of winter blizzards. Power outages that last just an hour or two are nothing to worry about, but if you expect the power to be out for several days, you may want to consider draining your hot tub to prevent freeze-damage.

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