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About Hot Tub Filters

Filters are what keep your spa water sparkling clean. Knowing about the importance of filters, their role in a hot tub, and the maintenance of filters is key to keeping your hot tub in good working condition. Taking care of your filter can save you money on unnecessary hot tub fixes.

Spa filters work constantly to keep debris out of your spa water. Modern technology has allowed for spa filters to improve greatly throughout the years and can greatly help you protect the longevity of your spa. At Hot Tub Things we specialize in everything hot tub, so if you're looking for a filter, we've got it! We have guides and helpful hints on our site to assist you in measuring your current filter, and finding an appropriate new filter. With so many different variations of filters on the market, finding a filter can be quite difficult. We've made the process simple with our easy to use filter finder! You can either look up the filter by part number, or you can choose different options describing your filters features and we will find the closest matches based on the information you provide. If you ever find yourself lost in the process, feel free to contact us and we can assist you in choosing the correct one.

Hot Tub Things makes finding a filter easy. Fill out a customer profile with all your spa’s information and the staff at Hot Tub Things will help ensure you get the right type of filter for your spa each and every time. We carry all types of spa filters whether you are searching for a specific brand of spa filter or more importantly a specific size. We have one of the largest selections of spa filters around.

The newest technology in spa filters features Microban® anti-microbial material to aid in the purification of your spa water. At Hot Tub Things we carry these Microban® filters, so be sure to get your filter equipped with Microban® technology to ensure your spa gets the best treatment possible.

Cleaning your spa’s filter on a regular basis is something that should be done to help ensure you get a long life out of your filter. When you take your filter out to clean it, make sure your spa is not running so any debris floating in the water doesn't clog up your plumbing rather than in the filter where it should be caught. Remove the filter from your hot tub, and you can either soak the filter to loosen up debris or even clean it with a hose. Hot Tub Things carries chemical products to help loosen debris in the filter, as well as accessories specifically made to rotate, spray and clean your filter all at the same time. We recommend having two filters that you alternate between cleanings. While one filter is in your spa collecting contaminants in the water, the other one can be soaking in a cleaning agent designed to strip oils, grime, bacteria, and other organics from the fabric. Once cleaned, allow it to air dry; it is now ready for the next time you rotate filters. At Hot Tub Things we have a wide range of great products and cleaners to help you keep your spa filter clean and functioning at its best, check out our selection today!

The filter in your spa is vital to keeping your spa water clean, therefore protecting your health and the health of your friends and loved ones who may also use the spa. A dirty spa filter that clogs can sometimes cause damage to the pumps and heaters that may not be covered under your spa warranty. Taking proper care of your spa’s filter is extremely important, and ensures your spa plumbing remains protected, so everything else can operate as clean and efficiently as possible. Clean your hot tub filter at least once a month, this helps protect the longevity of the filter and allows for your hot tub to run smoothly. Spa filters may seem expensive, but changing them regularly helps prevent even costlier damage of important spa plumbing parts. Hot Tub Things carries many products that will help you keep your spa filter in tip top condition and prevent you from falling victim to unnecessary spa repairs. Let us help you by providing the best quality filters in the industry.

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