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Please note that custom spa covers ordered on or after 12/07/2017 will not be delivered until mid-January 2018 due to our manufacturers holiday break.


Please contact us before ordering if your cover measures over 96" in any dimension, is an unusual shape, has cut-outs for a control panel, speakers, or handles, is not flat on the bottom, has more than 2 panels, or is a J-400 Series (Jacuzzi Hot Tubs). Please remember that all covers are custom made to your specifications and take up to 2 weeks in production before shipping.

Spa Covers & Hot Tub Covers - Built To Last.

At Hot Tub Things™, we take pride in building the best spa covers in the industry. Our precision tools and high quality materials allows Hot Tub Things to make a hot tub cover you will be proud of. Our livelihood depends on the quality of product we provide our customers, and we will deliver the spa cover right to your door. Hot Tub Things is user friendly and will guide you through the ordering process. If you are having difficulty or you have any questions, we are here to help you so feel free to contact us for assistance.
The Owner’s at Hot Tub Things have delivered more than 60,000 custom covers over the past 25 years, however, none are as important as the hot tub cover we will be making for you. You must be careful when taking measurement of your hot tub cover, because we will build the cover to the exact measurements (+/-1/2 inch on all sides) and specifications you request. Luckily for you, we have accumulated a vast knowledge base on how to build the best spa cover in the world. We know exactly what foam taper would best match up to your customers needs, and which foam density will maximize the efficiency and lifespan of the hot tub cover. It is very important that your spa cover is built to the environmental conditions it will face. If you aren’t sure what cover is best for you, call us and we’ll help you decide.
When it comes to covers, the difference between the cover that come with your spa and one that we will deliver to you is night and day. Our covers are designed and built to last longer than any factory cover out there, guaranteed. Remember, matching up the proper foam taper and density of your spa cover is unique to the environment that the hot tub is going to be used. As customers too, we work extra hard to maintain unbeatable quality and keep our prices down. Most of the covers that you will find online are over priced for what gets delivered. At Hot Tub Things, we care about you and we care about our reputation. The quality of our products set us apart from our competitors. Give us a try; you’ll be happy you did!
A little bit about how we build our spa covers.
Each of our covers begins as a solid block of virgin foam. This will ensure that the foam core is as strong as it can be and will maximize water resistance. Next we input your custom hot tub cover dimensions into the laser cutting machine and the foam core gets cut to the exact dimensions and taper you request. Regardless of the shape of your custom spa cover, the taper and density you choose will always be built to ensure the best combination of durability and heat retention.
Next, we heat seal the foam cores with a 3mil layer of laminated polyethylene sheet, then vacuum seal for maximum moisture block. These two steps are incredibly important to building a hot tub cover that will last for years. All of our covers come with the highest grade UV resistant 30-ounce marine grade vinyl available. Locking tie down straps are standard on our spa covers, as are the recessed handles and steel reinforced u-shaped center channel.
A hot tub cover plays an important role, here is why.
A properly fit spa cover from Hot Tub Things will add years to the life of your spa equipment. Not only does a custom cover keep your spa heated better, it also allows the hot tub to run more efficiently. This translates to saving money and saving the environment. A custom cover will allow your spa to run less frequently and prolong the life of the spa. Make sure to inspect the spa cover regularly for signs of damage, warping of the foam core, water logged foam, or poorly fit vinyl.
Have a Custom Spa and Hot Tub Cover? No Problem, we know what we are doing!
We are the premier source for custom covers, because each and every replacement spa cover is made one at a time. Even if your custom built spa has an unusual shape, you just have to tell us what you want and we can build it for you. If we can’t make it, no one can make it. We can make this promise because we have the most technologically advanced custom spa and hot tub factory in the world. You aren’t limited by brand at Hot Tub Things, because we can accommodate any and all makers of spas. Whether you need a Jacuzzi hot tub cover, a Sundance Spas cover, or a Hot Springs cover, you’ve come to the right website!
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