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101096   PCB BALBOA 105/7R1(Coleman)Digital Dup(P1-P2-OZ-LT-No BL)
52295   PCB BALBOA 2000LE Generic Ser Std(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT or FO)
52320   PCB BALBOA 2000LEM7 Generic Ser Std(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LTorFO)
52914   PCB BALBOA 2000P3(Generic)Serial Std LE (P1-P2-P3-OZ-CRC-LT)
52271   PCB BALBOA 2005LE(Euro)Serial Standard(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
51421   PCB BALBOA 260/410E(GPM)Duplex Dig(P1-BL-LT-OZ)8Conn Ph Plug
53339-01   PCB BALBOA 2M7DLX(Genric)Deluxe/Ser Std (P1-P2-BL-LT-OZ-CIR)
53563-01   PCB BALBOA 2M7P3 Generic Serial Std (P1-P2-P3-CIRC-OZ-LT-FO)
101-118   PCB BALBOA 400R2/3(Coleman)Deluxe Digital(P1-P2-3 Spd BL-LT)
50179   PCB BALBOA 6UR/600(Sundance)Analog(P1-BL-OZ-LT)w/50111 Sensr
51823   PCB BALBOA 9800CP(Caldera)M3(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-LT-Opt l FO-OZ)
51230   PCB BALBOA Analog Duplex Generic(P1-BL-LT-OZ-No CIRC)
51003   PCB BALBOA CLP50R1(Comfort Line)Advantage(P1-BL-LT-No OZ)
600-6252   PCB BALBOA COASTL/SPIRITR1A(Marquis)Whirlpool(P1-CIRC-LT-OZ)
600-6253   PCB BALBOA CSTL12(Marquis)Dig Duplex(P1-CIRC-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph
51491   PCB BALBOA D1SLR1(D1)Duplex Dig(P1=2Spd-Circ-OZ-LT-No Blwr)
51485   PCB BALBOA D1SR1(D1)Serial Dlx(P1-P2-CIRC-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph
51438   PCB BALBOA DS50R1(Diamond/Safari Spas)Dig Dup(P1-BL-OZ-LT)
52680   PCB BALBOA EL2000 Mach 1(Generic)ML Ser(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)
59003   PCB BALBOA EL2000M7(Mach 2.1)ML Series(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)
53974-04   PCB BALBOA EL2001 MACH 3(Generic)ML Series(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT)
53414   PCB BALBOA EL2001M7(Mach 2.1)ML Series(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)
55273   PCB BALBOA EL2001M7(Mach 3)ML Ser(P1-P2-P3-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)
55313   PCB BALBOA EL2KELGS(Mach 3)ML Series(P1-P2-BL-LT-CIRC-)Molex
55214   PCB BALBOA EL8000 Mach3 ML Series(P1-P2-P3-P4-CIRC-LT-FO-AV)
53858-02   PCB BALBOA EL8000(Mach 3)ML900(P1-P2-P3-BL-CIRC-LT-FO-AV)
53426   PCB BALBOA Expander Board (2Spd Pump)Less Cable (25339)
53544   PCB BALBOA Expander Board Kit (1Spd Pump) (For VS510SZ)
53913   PCB BALBOA Expander Board Kit (2Spd Pump) w/AMP Cable
53310   PCB BALBOA Expander Board Kit EL2001(Blower)w/10Amp Fuse
53311   PCB BALBOA Expander Board Kit for Blower w/10Amp Fuse
53708-04   PCB BALBOA GL2000(Mach3) Euro 50hZ (P1-P2-BL-CIRC-LT-AV-OZ)
53975-04   PCB BALBOA GL2001(Mach3) Euro 50hZ (P1-P2-BL-CIRC-LT)
54510   PCB BALBOA GS500Z(Euro)M7 Dup/Mini Oval(P1-OZ-LT-CIRC-No BL)
54516   PCB BALBOA GS501SZ(Euro)M7 Serial Std(P1-BL/P2-OZ-LT-CIRC)
54512   PCB BALBOA GS501Z(Euro)M7 Dup/Mini Oval(P1-BL/P2-OZ-LT-CIRC)
54518   PCB BALBOA GS510SZ(Euro)M7 Serial Std(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)
55032-02   PCB BALBOA GVS500(GPM)Mini Oval/Digital(P1-No BL-OZ-LT)
55197   PCB BALBOA GVS500SZ(GPM)Serial Std(P1-No BL-OZ-LT)Ph Plug
54376   PCB BALBOA GVS510 (GPM) Serial Std (P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT) Ph Plug
55199   PCB BALBOA GVS511SZ (GPM) Serial Std (P1-P2-No BL-OZ-LT) Ph
50920   PCB BALBOA H716 Jacuzzi Duplex Digital 2-1 Spd Pump No Blwr
52498-01   PCB BALBOA HS200(Hydro Spa)2000LE(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)8Conn
55013-01   PCB BALBOA HS2000 (Hydro Spa) EL2000 Mach 3 ML Series
53864   PCB BALBOA HS200M7(Hydro Spa)2000LEM7(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
55099   PCB BALBOA HS200VS(Hydro Spa)VS510SZ Ser Std(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT)
51766   PCB BALBOA HS50R1(Hydro Spa)M1 Sup Duplx Dig(P1-P2-BL-LT-OZ)
52520   PCB BALBOA HS55(Hydro Spa)Value Dup/Mini-Ovl(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT)
53247   PCB BALBOA HTJCKT Advantage Heat Jacket(P1-LT)8 Conn Ph Plug
54445   PCB BALBOA ICON10(Jumpking/Keys)Lite Ldr Mni-Oval (P1-OZ-LT)
54446   PCB BALBOA ICON15(Jumpking/Keys)Lite Ldr Duplex (P1-OZ-LT)
54447   PCB BALBOA ICON31R1(Jumpking/Keys)2000LE Serial Std 8 Conn
54448   PCB BALBOA ICONM7(Jumpking)2000LEM7 240V(3 Wire No Neutral)
51595   PCB BALBOA L90R1(JBJ)Digital Dup(P1-P2-no BL-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph
51624-01   PCB BALBOA LAS103R1(LA Spas)Super Dup(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
51628   PCB BALBOA LAS104R1(LA Spas)Super Dup(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
54341   PCB BALBOA LB501SZR1(Leisure Bay)Serial Std(P1-P2-LT-OZ-CIRC
50803   PCB BALBOA Lg Analog(Old Style) (P1-BL-OZ-LT)Ribbon Style
54091   PCB BALBOA M1R1(Generic)Super Dup Dig(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
54134   PCB BALBOA M1TUV Dig Duplex (Euro)50hZ (P1-P2-BL-LT-OZ)
54644   PCB BALBOA M2/M3 Dlx/Ser Std Generic(P1-P2-BL=2Spd-LT-OZ-FO)
54122   PCB BALBOA M2/M3(Generic)Delxe/Ser Std(P1-P2-BL-LT or FO-OZ)
54126   PCB BALBOA M2/M3(Generic)Euro Dlx/Ser Std(P1-P2-BL-LT-OZ)
54175-01   PCB BALBOA M3(Outdoor)Dlx/Ser Std(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT)Ph Plug
52076   PCB BALBOA M7A/B/C Deluxe/Ser Std Generic(P1-P2-BL-LT-OZ-FO)
51227   PCB BALBOA MAJ150(Majestic)Dig Dup(P1-BL-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph Plg
51853   PCB BALBOA MAJ200R2(Majestic)M3 Dlx/Std(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
X800660   PCB BALBOA Master Spa MAS25(Custom) Lite Ldr (P1-P2-OZ-LT)
51859   PCB BALBOA MIL75(Millenium Spas)Sup Duplex(P1-BL/P2-OZ-LT)
50911   PCB BALBOA MOR100(Morgan)Dig Duplex(P1-BL=3Spd-OZ-LT)8Conn
600-6289   PCB BALBOA MQ2KUR1A-F(Marquis)EL2 Mach 2.1(P1-P2--OZ-LT)
600-6284   PCB BALBOA MTS2KU(Marquis)2000LEM7(P1-P2-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph Plg
600-6276   PCB BALBOA MTS99R1A-F(Marquis)Ser Std(P1-P2-P3-OZ-LT)
600-6282   PCB BALBOA MTSUVR1(Marquis)M7 SUV(P1-P2-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph Plug
53466   PCB BALBOA PINN05(Pinnacle)Value Mini-Oval(P1-OZ-LT-No BL)
52380   PCB BALBOA PRO3(Caldera)Lite Ldr(P1-P2-LT-OZ)8 Conn Ph Plug
51800   PCB BALBOA RCRTNLR3A-E(Marquis)Dup Dig(P1-P2-OZ-LT-Opt BIO2)
51955   PCB BALBOA SEV50(Seven Seas)M1 Super Duplex(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT)
50704   PCB BALBOA SLCR1(Dimemsion One)Duplex Analog(P1-OZ-LT-No BL)
51114   PCB BALBOA SLCV(D-1)Analog Duplex(P1-CIRC-LT-OZ-No Blwr)
50833   PCB BALBOA SS2/3D(Emerald Spa)Duplex Digital(P1-BL-LT-OZ)
52532   PCB BALBOA SUVM7(Generic)Duplx Dig/Mini Oval(P1-BL/P2-OZ-LT)
52569   PCB BALBOA VALUE3(GPM)Mini Oval/Duplex Dig (P1-BL-FO-OZ)
54161   PCB BALBOA VALUER1(Generic)Duplex/Mini Oval Dig(P1-BL-OZ-LT)
52376   PCB BALBOA VALUM7(Generic)Duplex Dig/Mini Oval(P1-BL-OZ-LT)
54604-01   PCB BALBOA VS300FL5(Generic)Duplex/Mini Oval(P1-No BL-LT-OZ)
54369-01   PCB BALBOA VS500Z(Generic)Mini-Oval/Duplx(P1-LT-OZ-No BL)
54378-02   PCB BALBOA VS501SZ(Generic)Serial Std(P1-BL-LT-OZ)Ph Plug
54357-01   PCB BALBOA VS501Z Generic Mini-Oval/Duplex(P1-BL-LT-OZ)
54385-03   PCB BALBOA VS511SZ Generic Conv 2-2 Spd Pumps No Blower
54383-04   PCB BALBOA VS511Z Generic Conv 2-2 Spd Pumps No Blower
55299   PCB BALBOA VS520DZ 2-2 Spd Pmps-Circ-Blwr or 1 Spd Pmp 3
55152   PCB BALBOA VS520DZ(Generic)Serial Dlx(P1-P2-B;-P3-OZ-LT-CRC)
55151   PCB BALBOA VS520SZ(Generic)Serial Std(P1-P2-BL/P3-OZ-LT-CRC)
55856   PCB BALBOA VS523DZ Serial Deluxe Digital 1-2 Spd Pump w/
51056   PCB BALBOA WHRLPL(Generic)Whirlpool(P1-OZ-LT-No BL)6Conn Ph
51903-01   PCB BALBOA WS75(WarmSprings)M1(P1-P2 Opt l-CIRC-LT-OZ-No BL)
53680   PCB BALBOA X-P632 Expansion 2Spd P3 EL2000 w/2 Relays
50730   PCB BALBOA ZX500R1(Discovery)Analog Dup(P1-BL-LT-OZ-NoCirc)
54003   PCB BALBOA(Generic)Digital Duplex(P1-BL-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph Plug
52518   PCB BALBOA(KIT)M2/M3 Delxe/Ser Std(P1-P2-BL-LT or FO-OZ-CIRC
34-5019   PCB BRETT BL-45 Control Board Used w/Relay PCB P/N 34-5021
34-5021   PCB BRETT BL-45 Relay Board(5 Relays)
34-5007   PCB BRETT BL-70 EM190(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT)Ribbon Style Cable
25339   PCB Cable Assy BALBOA Expansion Board (53426) To Main PCB
53933   PCB Expansion Board Mounting Kit BALBOA For VS/EL Plastic
0201-300031   PCB GECKO MSPA-MP-BF1(Blue Falls)(P1-P2-P3-BL-Circ-OZ-LT)
3-84-7007   PCB GECKO MSPA-MP-GE1(Kit)Propak(P1-P2-P3-BL-Circ-OZ-LT-FO)
3-60-6040   PCB GECKO MSPA1-4(Kit)w/Xfrmr(P1-P2-P3-BL-Circ-OZ-LT-FO)Incl
9920-200547   PCB GECKO TSPA-1 Full Feature (P1-P2-BL-CIRC or FO-OZ-LT)
9920-200526   PCB GECKO TSPA-MP Full Feature P1-P2-BL-CIRC or FO-OZ-LT)
74618   PCB Hot Springs/Watkins IQ2020 System Heater Relay(3 Relays)
76071   PCB Hot Springs/Watkins IQ2020 System Heater Relay(3 Relays)
48-0101   PCB HYDROQ (Kit) Replaces 33-0010-R6(Prior)/33-0023/33-0018
33-0025-R8   PCB HYDROQ 9600/8000 MSPA HT-2(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)JST Conn
33-0025A-R8   PCB HYDROQ 9700 Univ MP(P1-P2-P3-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC-AUX)JST Conn
33-0010-R8   PCB HYDROQ Dlx 120/240V CS9400/9600(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC-HOT)
33-0014A-R8   PCB HYDROQ ECO-1 4100/6100/7100/9100(P1-OZ-LT-No BL)JST Conn
33-0024A-R4   PCB HYDROQ ECO-2 240V(3 Wire)4200/6200/9200(P1-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC
33-0024-R6   PCB HYDROQ ECO-2 4200/6200/9200(P1-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)JST Conn
33-0024D-R3   PCB HYDROQ ECO-2+2 4220/6220/9220(P1-P2-OZ-LT-No BL)Jst Conn
33-0024C-R3   PCB HYDROQ ECO-3 240V(3 Wire))6230/9230 (P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC
33-0024B-R4   PCB HYDROQ ECO-3 4230/6230/9230(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)JST Conn
33-0024F   PCB HYDROQ ECO-3+2 240V(3 Wire)6330/9330(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC
33-0024E   PCB HYDROQ ECO-3+2 6330/9330(P1-P2-OZ-LT-BL-CIRC)Jst Conn
33-0027-R1   PCB HYDROQ Outdoor ES/CS8600 MP(P1-P2-P3-BL-OZ-LT)Jst Conn
33-0012-R2   PCB HYDROQ USPA 6500/7500 ECO-2 (P-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)JST Conn
3-60-0102   PCB LEN_GO LX-10(Rev 5.31 Alpha)SBSG(P1-OZ-LT-No BL)8 Conn
3-60-0165   PCB LEN_GO LX-15 Rev5.31 Extension Software Used w/Spa Sides
3-60-0119   PCB LEN_GO LX-15(Rev5.31)SBSG(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph Plug
3-60-0168   PCB LEN_GO LX-5(Rev 8.01)SBSG(P1-LT-No BL-No OZ)8Conn Ph Plg
29-2005   PCB LEN_GO(Kit)BL-40TC EM-1000 Incl:34-5023SPP 70480 080020
34-5023A   PCB LEN_GO(Kit)BL40 240V To Replace RC7/RC7A/RC4/RC4A/RC4PA
20618   PCB Logic Jumper BALBOA 2 Pin
3-60-0104   PCB SBSG LX-15(Rev 1.31)Pre-2001
EP1217-1B   PCB TECMAR 10 Min Pump Timer Module 120V 15A w/Air Switch
442207   PCB Transformer Adapter Cable VITA 4 To 8 Pin
48-0099X-120   PCB Transformer Kit HYDROQ 120V-24VAC Incl 3 Types of Plugs
48-0099X-240   PCB Transformer Kit HYDROQ 240V-24VAC Incl 3 Types of Plugs
0460127   PCB VITA L100/L700C(Blue Board) (P1-P2-P3-BL-LT-OZ-CIRC)
460100   PCB VITA L500/LC500 w/8 Pin Xfrmr Receptacle
460083   PCB VITA LB200/LX200BB w/8 Pin Xfrmer Receptacle
451206   PCB VITA LD15/DUET/ECO w/8 Pin Xfrmr Plug
451114   PCB VITA LX400 Series Vita Spa
451104   PCB VITA Voyager LV15 w/ 8 Pin Xfrmr Receptacle
0454005-DS   PCB, VITA, 2007 Board D Relay w/stereo,
54387-04   PCB,BALBOA,EL1000M7(Mach 3)ML Series(P1-BL-OZ-LT-CIRC)
53834-04   PCB,BALBOA,EL2000 MACH 3(Generic)ML Ser(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
54482   PCB,BALBOA,EL2001 MACH 3(Generic)ML Series(P1-P2-P3-BL-OZ-LT
51429   PCB,BALBOA,H276(Jacuzzi)Analog Dup(P1=1Spd-P2=1Spd-OZ-LT)
52013   PCB,BALBOA,LB102R/240RR1(Leisure Bay)Lite Ldr
54152   PCB,BALBOA,LTLDRR1A(Generic)Lite Ldr(P1-OZ-LT-120V HOT Plug)
52211   PCB,BALBOA,R327/R641R1(Jacuzzi)M3(P1-P2-CIRC-BL-AUX)8Conn Ph
52213   PCB,BALBOA,R574/576(Jacuzzi)Value,R574=(P1 2Spd-OZ-LT) R576=(P1 1Spd-P2 1Spd-OZ-LT)R574=J21 on 2 Pins/R576 J21 on 1 Pin
52215   PCB,BALBOA,R742(Jacuzzi)Advantage Analog(P1-No BL-No LT)
600-6270   PCB,BALBOA,REC99R1(Marquis)Super Dup(P1-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph Plug
53941   PCB,BALBOA,RS80R1(Leisure Bay)M7,Heat Jacket(P1-OZ-LT)8 conn
53942   PCB,BALBOA,RS80R1(Leisure Bay)M7,Heat Jacket(P1-OZ-LT)8 conn
52259   PCB,BALBOA,S2R1(Leisure Bay)Lite Ldr(P1-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph Plug
52399   PCB,BALBOA,S826(Jacuzzi)Advantage Lite Dig(P1-No BL-No LT)
52100   PCB,BALBOA,V124R/240RR1(Leisure Bay)Lite Ldr(P1-P2-OZ-LT)
54638-01   PCB,BALBOA,VS504SZ(Generic)Serial Std(P1-BL/P2-LT-OZ)
ELE09100035   PCB,CAL SPA,1100R1(Balboa)Digital Duplex(P1-CIRC-OZ-LT)
ELE09100206   PCB,CAL SPA,2200R1(Balboa)2000LE(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
ELE09100190   PCB,CAL SPA,C11GDR1(Balboa)Analog Dup(P1-P2-OZ-LT-No BL)
ELE09100060   PCB,CAL SPA,C2000R1A-C(Balboa)Sup Duplex(P1-P2-CIRC-OZ-LT)
ELE09100280   PCB,CAL SPA,C2000R2(Balboa)Sup Duplex(P1-P2-CIRC-OZ-LT)
ELE09100290   PCB,CAL SPA,C2001R2B(Balboa)Sup Dup(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-LT Or FO-
ELE09100236   PCB,CAL SPA,CS6300DVR1(Balboa)VS513Z(P1-P2-P3-OZ-LT)
ELE09100160   PCB,CAL SPA,OG3000R2(Balboa)Ser Std Gas System(P1-P2-BL-CIRC
101285   PCB,COLEMAN,115/117R1(Balboa)Value(P1-P2-OZ-LT-No BL)8 Conn
101286   PCB,COLEMAN,512/4R1(Balboa)Value(P1-P2-BL-LT or 12V FO-OZ)
103097   PCB,COLEMAN,630/632R1(Balboa)2000LEM7(P1-P2-BL-OZ-LT)8 Conn
07-0019   PCB,D-ONE,MSPA(Kit)Incl:Temp & H/Limit Sensors,Xfrmr,Spaside
07-0016   PCB,D-ONE,MSPA-D11(Kit)Incl:Temp & H/L Sensor,Xfrmr,Spaside
01710-1200   PCB,D1,DSJ2 Massage Sequencer(Gecko)MSPA-MP(2001-Current)
01710-1008   PCB,D1,MSPA-MP-D11(Gecko)P1-P2-Circ-OZ-LT(2001-2006 D-One
1710-1010   PCB,D1,MSPA-MP-D14(Gecko)P1-P2-P3-Circ(2003-2005)Bay Series
1710-1018   PCB,D1,MSPA-MP-D14(Gecko)P1-P2-P3-Circ(2003-Current)Bay Ser
77087   PCB,HOT SPRINGS,IQ2020 System,Main Board(2001-2009.5)
71341   PCB,HOTSPRINGS,Hi-Limit HeaterBoard(HotSpring/TigerRver95-96
71340   PCB,HOTSPRINGS,T-Stat Control(Hot Spring & Tiger Rver 95-97)
33-0031   PCB,HYDROQ(Balboa)Lite Leader,CS7100B(P1-OZ-LT-No Bl)6 Conn
33-0032A   PCB,HYDROQ(Balboa)VS500Z,4100/6100B,Mini/Dup(P1-LT-OZ-No BL)
33-0032B   PCB,HYDROQ(Balboa)VS501Z,4200/6200B,Mini/Dup(P1-BL/P2-LT-OZ)
48-0027-R2   PCB,HYDROQ(Kit)Outdoor,Replaces 33-0027-R1(P1-P2-P3-B-OZ-LT)
33-0033B   PCB,HYDROQ,VS520SZ,4330/6330B,Serial Std(P1-P2-BL/P3-OZ-LT)
52326-01   PCB,LEISURE BAY,G2R1(bALBOA)Super Dup(P1-P2-OZ-LT Ck Module)
51793   PCB,LEISURE BAY,LB102R1(Balboa)Dig Duplex(P1-BL-LT-OZ-CIRC)
450080D   PCB,LEN_GO,BL40/40TC MAIN(P1-P2 Or BL-LT)
462015   PCB,LMI ROTO,RS100R1(Balboa))M7(P1-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph Plug
600-6273   PCB,MARQUIS,LEZURR1A-F(Balboa)Lt Ldr(P1-P2-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph
600-6283   PCB,MARQUIS,LZR1U/LZR2UR1A-C(R2B)(Balboa)Lt Ldr(P1-OZ-LT)
600-6256   PCB,MARQUIS,RCRTNLR2(Balboa)Dig Duplex(P1-P2-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph
600-6279   PCB,MARQUIS,SUV1UR1(Balboa)M7 SUV(P1-P2-OZ-LT)8 Conn Ph Plug
0454002-X   PCB,VITA,100LX/100LS/700 ICS,Control Board(1,2 or 3 Pump)
0454004-D   PCB,VITA,100LX/100LS/700 ICS,DigiChrom 2 Light
0454005-D   PCB,VITA,100LX/700 I.C.S.,Main Board(Relay)No Stereo Output
MALT010   Peristaltic Pump Lead Tube,STENNER,3/8" x 100',White
UCCP201   Peristaltic Pump Tubes,STENNER,#1 Replacemnt Tube Assy(2 Pk)

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