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C2550-0802ET   Heater Assy Morgan/Gecko Flo-Thru SS 5.5kw 240v 2 x15
73790   Heater Assy No Fault 6000 6kW 240V w/Auto Reset Hi-Limit
B2400-2001ET-1   Heater Assy PDC Spa Deluxe 90 Deg Flo Thru S/S 4kW 240v 10 L
004686   Heater Assy RAYPAK B-R055B-EN#52 Natural Gas 50 000 BTU
004684   Heater Assy RAYPAK Versa055B 50k BTU Propane Gas Millivolt
E2400-0320ET   Heater Assy Saratoga Lo-Flo(Vert)SS 4kW 240V 3 x 13-1/2 L
20-00540   Heater Assy Saratoga Spas 4kw 3 dia 13 1/2 tall
E2550-0320ET   Heater Assy SARTOGA 5.5KW 240V 3 X13.5 Low Flo
C1100-0211   Heater Assy SBSG Flo-Thru S/S 1.0kW 120V 8-3/8 x 1-1/2 L
C2950-0075   Heater Assy Spa Bldrs 9.5kw Dual Element 2 x19 L/ Tail Pcs
C2400-1002   Heater Assy Spa Bldrs AP4 Flo-Thru S/S 4kW 240V 2 x 12 L
C2550-1002   Heater Assy Spa Bldrs AP4 Flo-Thru S/S 5.5KW 240V 2 x 12 L
B21100-1000   Heater Assy SPABUILDERS 11KW 240V 3 X11 Vertical Dual Elem
B21100-1100   Heater Assy SPABUILDERS 11KW 240V 3 X11 Vertical Single Elem
C3226-1   Heater Assy Sund/Jaczz Flo-Thru(U-Bend)240V 4kW 17-3/4 Long
C2550-0316TI   Heater Assy SUNDANCE 5.5KW 240V Flo-Thru Junction Box
C3226-2   Heater Assy Sundance Flo-Thru(U-Bend)240V 2.7kW 17-3/4 Long
E2550-1000   Heater Assy Sundance Lo-Flo 5.5kW 240V 3-1/2 OD x 13 L 3/4 B
C3229-1   Heater Assy Sundance/Jacuzzi (Laing) Square Back Box 5.5kW 240V
D2550-0059   Heater Assy T-Style SS 5.5kW 240V 2 x 14 L w/2 x 1-1/2
C2450-0015   Heater Assy THERMR (Onyx)Flow-Thru S/S 4.5kW 240v 2 x 12 L
C2450-1008ET   Heater Assy Vita Spas Flo Thru 4.5kW 240V 2 x17.63 w/2 Tail
C1150-0121   Heater Assy Vita Voyager Flo-Thru S/S 1.5KW 120v 1.5 x9 L
C3472-2   Heater Assy Watkins Flo-Thru(U-Bend)240V 2.9kW 17-3/4 Long
73791   Heater Assy WATKINS Low Flow 4.0Kw 240V No Fault 4000 w/cord
C3473-1   Heater Assy Watkins/Cald Flo-Thru(U-Bend)240V 4kW 17-3/4 L
C2550-0103TT   Heater Assy(Arctic Spa)Flo-Thru(Titanium)5.5kW 240V 2 x 12
E2400-0115ET   Heater Assy(Artesian)Lo-Flow SS 4.0kW 240V 8 Long 3/4 B OD
C2400-0535-TPS   Heater Assy(Balboa)Flo-Thru SS 4kw 240v 2 x 15 L w/Pres Sw
A1150-2350-B   Heater Assy(Cal Spa)90 Deg,Flo-Thru,SS,1.5kW,120V,13"L
E2400-0021-NP   Heater Assy(Clearwater)Low Flow S/S 4kW 240V 3 x 8-1/2 L
C2450-3101ET   Heater Assy(Coast Spa)M-Class,Flo-Thru,SS,4.5kW,240V,3"x15"L
C2550-2311ET   Heater Assy(Correct Tech)Flow-Thru S/S,5.5kW,240v,2" x 11"L,
16-08124   Heater Assy(Dakota)90 Deg Flo-Thru,SS,4.0kW,240V,2"x16-3/4"L
C2300-0010ET   Heater Assy(DM/Vita Spas)Flo Thru,SS,3kW,240V,2" x 15"Long,
C2300-0024ET   Heater Assy(DM/Vita)Flo Thru,SS,3kW,240V,2" x 15"L,w/5"Leads
48-3300-10-042H   Heater Assy(Emerald/Conway)Flo-Thru SS 5.5KW 240V 1.5 x 16
C2550-0800ET-G   Heater Assy(Gecko SSPA)Flo-Thru S/S 5.5kW 240V 2 x 15 L
C2300-5003   Heater Assy(Gecko Universal)SSPA/MSPA Flo-Thru SS 3.0kW 240V
C2400-5003   Heater Assy(Gecko Universal)SSPA/MSPA Flo-Thru SS 4.0kW 240V
C2550-5003   Heater Assy(Gecko Universal)SSPA/MSPA Flo-Thru SS 5.5kW 240V
D1150-1302-G   Heater Assy(Gecko/Aquatic)"T"Style,1.5kw,120v, 1-1/2" x 10"L
C2550-0408ET   Heater Assy(Great Lakes)Flo-Thru,SS,5.5kW,240V,2" x 13.31"L
C21100-3077   Heater Assy(HQ 8600/8000)Flo-Thru11kW 240V 3 x 19-1/4 L
48-3000   Heater Assy(HQ/Hurricane)Flo-Thru SS 5.5kW 240V 2 x 15 L
C2550-0002   Heater Assy(HQ/Hurricane)Flo-Thru SS 5.5kW 240V 2 x 15 L
C2550-0002ET   Heater Assy(HQ/Hurricane)Flo-Thru SS 5.5kW 240V 2 x 15 L
40-4300-00-012H   Heater Assy(Jacuzzi)90 Deg Flo-Thru 6kW 240V 2 x 17-5/8 L
C2400-0807-TPS   Heater Assy(M7)VS/EL Flo-Thru S/S 4.0kW 240V 2 x 15
C2550-0807-TPS   Heater Assy(M7)VS/EL Flo-Thru S/S 5.5kW 240V 2 x 15
45-3300-20-206   Heater Assy(Morgan Spa)90 Deg SS 5.5kW 240V 6-1/2 x 5-1/2
B2550-2001ET-1   Heater Assy(Morgan Spas)Delux 90 Deg Flo-Thru S/S.5.5kW 240V
C2550-0213N   Heater Assy(New Wave)Flo-Thru SS 5.5kW 240V 2 x 19 L
C2400-C3037-2   Heater Assy(Saratoga)Lo-Flo(Vert)4kW,240V,2" x 13-1/2"Long
C2550-1206   Heater Assy(United Spa)Flo-Thru 5.5kW 240V 2 x 13-1/4 L
C2400-5000-P   Heater Assy(Universal)Flo-Thru SS 4.0kW 240V 2 x 15 L No PS
C2550-5000-P   Heater Assy(Universal)Flo-Thru SS 5.5kW 240V 2 x 15 L No PS
C2400-0809-TPS   Heater Assy(Value/Jacuzzi)Flo-Thru S/S 4kW 240V 2 x 15
9920-100340   Heater Assy, Gecko, SSPA, Flo-Thru, SS, 2kW, 240V, 2" x 15"L
26-0071-7KSS   Heater Assy, HYDROQ (Water Pro) Flo-Thru, SS, 5.5kW, 240v
22-7P8-000-0PP6   Heater Assy, HYDROQ, Lo-Flo (Vert) 4kw, 240V (Titanium)
22-7R8-000-0PP6   Heater Assy, HYDROQ, Lo-Flo (Vert) 5.5kw, 240V (Titanium)
48-C33-F50-0G03   Heater Assy, HYDROQ, VH (Southwest) Flo-Thru, 2.0kW, 240V, 2" x 13"
008645   Heater Assy, RAYPAK, B-R055B-EP#63, Propane, 50k BTU Elec Ign
C3314-1   Heater Assy, SUNDANCE, Smart, 5.5Kw, 240V, 3/4" RB x 3/4" RB, 2000+
C2550-1056   Heater Assy,ACC/Acura,Flo-Thru,5.5kW,240V,2" x 15"
C2400-0304   Heater Assy,Acura/ACC/BRETT,Flo-Thru,SS,4kW,240V,2" x 15"L
C3484-3   Heater Assy,Artesian Spas,Lo-Flo,Laing Square Back,4kW,240v,
53349   Heater Assy,BALBOA(Jacuzzi R574/6)Flo-Thru,4kW,240V,2" x 15"
58048   Heater Assy,BALBOA(Jacuzzi R574/6)Flo-Thru,4kW,240V,2" x 15"
58143CE   Heater Assy,BALBOA(M7)Flo Thru,3kW,240V,2" x15"L,w/Sensors
55626   Heater Assy,BALBOA(M7)GS/GL,Flo-Thru,Titanium,3.0kW,230V,
50145   Heater Assy,BALBOA,Flo-Thru,3.0kW,230v,2" x 15"L,w/2Psi P/S
50139   Heater Assy,BALBOA,Flo-Thru,SS,2kw,240v,2" x 15"L,w/Pres Sw
C2400-2001   Heater Assy,Cal Spa,Flo-Thru,4kW,240v,2" x 15"L,w/Insulated
C2550-2001   Heater Assy,Cal Spa,Flo-Thru,5.5kW,240v,2" x 15"L,w/Insulatd
12411ST   Heater Assy,COATES,ST(Stand Alone)11kW,240V,46Amps,T-Stat,
C2400-0739   Heater Assy,Coleman,Flo-Thru,4kW,240v,2" x 15"L,w/Pres Sw,
C2550-0739   Heater Assy,Coleman,Flo-Thru,5.5kW,240v,2" x 15"L,w/Pres Sw,
C3554-3   Heater Assy,Comfortline/Cal Spa,Lo-Flow,4kW,240V,41"S/S Tube
C1100-3013ET   Heater Assy,Conway/Emer,Flo-Thru,SS,1.0kW,120V,1.5" x 12.25"
C2550-2315   Heater Assy,Correct Tech,Flo-Thru,SS,5.5kW,240V,2" x 14.5"L,
C3548-1   Heater Assy,D1,Proportional FastFlo,5.5kW,240v,w/Thermal
E2400-0127ET-X   Heater Assy,DM/Vita(Univeral)Lo-Flo,SS,4kW,240V,11"Long 3/4"B Inlet/Outlet,w/Ext T-Well Cover,w/Qty 2 Pres Sw Taps
E2550-0120C   Heater Assy,Dynasty/Sunbelt/Universal,Lo-Flo(Vert)5.5kW,240V
E2400-0120C   Heater Assy,Dynasty/Univ,Lo-Flo(Vert)4.0kW,240V,3" x 12"Tall
E21100-3150   Heater Assy,Flo-Thru,S/S,3"Superflow(Dual Element)11kW,240V
C2400-0001   Heater Assy,Flo-Thru,SS,4kW,240V,2" x 12"L,w/Pres Sw Tap,
E2550-0300ET   Heater Assy,Gatsby Spas,Lo-Flo(Vert)5.5kw,240V,1"Barb In/Out
B16200C-0001AEM   Heater Assy,HYDROQ,Emergency Spa Heater,1.5kW,120V,w/15Amp
26-0071A   Heater Assy,HYDROQ,Flo-Thru,SS,4.5kW,240V,2" x 15"L,NoPS
26-08159   Heater Assy,Hydroquip,Lo-Flo,Vert,SS,4.0kW,240V,3" x 11"Tall
H30-R2   Heater Assy,LX,3.0kW(Spa)90 Degree,10"L,w/2 Pin Pres Sw Cord
H30-R1   Heater Assy,LX,3.0kW(Spa)In-Line,10"L,w/2 Pin Pres Sw Cord
C2550-0535-TPS   Heater Assy,M1/M2/M3 Series Flo-Thru,SS,5.5kw,240v,2" x 15"L
26-08114   Heater Assy,Maax Spas,Lo-Flo(Vert)4kw,240V,1"Barb In/Out,
35-16-00141   Heater Assy,Screw Plug,1-1/4",5.5kW,240V,13.38"Immersion
26-08147   Heater Assy,Sunbelt Spas,Lo-Flo(Vert)5.5kW,240V,1"B In/Out
E2400-5002   Heater Assy,Universal Low-Flow,SS,4kW,240V,3" x 11"L,w/7"Box
E2550-5002   Heater Assy,Universal Low-Flow,SS,5.5kW,240V,3" x 11"L,w/Box
A2360-4000   Heater Assy,US Tooling,90 Degree,SS,3.6kW,240V(Remote)9"L,
C2150-C2507-1   Heater Assy,WATKINS,Hot Spot(1998)115V,1.0kW,1-1/2" x 10"L
C2100-C1789-1   Heater Assy,WATKINS,Hot Spot(93-94)115V,1.0kW,1-1/2" x 10"L
720146-0   Heater Box THERMR 4 x4 x2 Plastic
000645   Heater Bulkhead Terminal Nut 1/2 Stainless Steel
9920-401161   Heater Cable Strap,GECKO,M-Class,Element To PCB(3")
9920-401160   Heater Cable Strap,GECKO,S-Class,Element To PCB(1-1/2")
20-3005   Heater Element 1.375kw/5.5Kw Rd Flange 120v/240v
1.5-1-2   Heater Element 1.5KW 1 2 Wells
20-3502B   Heater Element 1.5kw/6kw 4-3/16 x 9 120v/240v
001802F   Heater Element 1100 1101 1102-Kit 11KW
2-05-0086   Heater Element 3KW 240V Flo-Thru
25-4011   Heater Element 4.0KW 240V
25-41412-TITAN   Heater Element 4.0KW 240V Special Bend Titanium
25-40411   Heater Element 4.0KW 240V Triple Bend
HE-624459-BSC   Heater Element 4.5KW Balboa M7
70-20041-X   Heater Element 4Kw 240V 5 W/ Hardware
70-20218-TE   Heater Element 4KW 240V Tifel Coated Epoxy Potted
25-41411ET   Heater Element 4KW 240V Triple-Et-Ctr
4-FLO-TI   Heater Element 4KW Titanium Flo-T 12.44 Long
70-20655-T   Heater Element 5.5KW 240V 10.5 Long Coated
25-41341   Heater Element 5.5KW 240V Flo-Thru Triple-Ctr
345   Heater Element 6KW Aquaheat
12-0003   Heater Element 7.2kw EM-1000
70-20056   Heater Element Vertical Bottom Mount 4-1/2 Tall
563303012   Heater Element 1.5KW 120V Screw Plug 1 Thd 11 L No Wells
20-3504B   Heater Element 1.5kw/6Kw 5 x 9 2 T-Well 120v/240v
20-3340   Heater Element 4KW Hairpin 10-1/4 Immersion Length
20-3018   Heater Element 5.5KW Hairpin 10-1/4 Immersion Length
20-3017   Heater Element 5.5kW Side Coil
70-20102   Heater Element Coil(Side Mnt)Gatsby Lo-Flow 4kW 240V 5.63 L
70-20102-TE   Heater Element Coil(Side Mnt)Gatsby Lo-Flow 4kW 240V 5.63 L
20-3000   Heater Element Coiled 5.5kW 240V 5 Immersion 2-1/2 Dia
6-PUREX   Heater Element Coiled 6kw Purex 6-1/2 Immersn 2-1/2 Dia Coil
11-5-2   Heater Element Flange 5 x 5 11kW 240V 11 Immersion
34742   Heater Element Flange Style Watkins Hot Spot 1kW 120V
25-0469   Heater Element Flo-Thru 1.5kW 120V 4.38 Immersion(Sngl Bend)
25-4047   Heater Element Flo-Thru 1.5kW 120V 6.65 Long (Loop Bowtie )
25-0483   Heater Element Flo-Thru 1kW 120V 4.38 Immersion(Single Bend)
25-4009   Heater Element Flo-Thru 1kW 240V 4.38 Immersion(Single Bend)
25-4131   Heater Element Flo-Thru 2Kw 240V 7 Immersion(Double Bend)
25-4129   Heater Element Flo-Thru 3.6kW 240V 10.63 Immrsion(Dbl Bend)
70-20638   Heater Element Flo-Thru 4kW 240V 10.5 Immersion Epoxy Potted
20-3440   Heater Element Flo-Thru 4KW 240V 10.63 Immersion(Dbl Bend)
25-C3108   Heater Element Flo-Thru 4KW 240V 11-1/4 Immersn(Bent Bowtie)
70-20218-T   Heater Element Flo-Thru 4kW 240V Tifel Coated(Triple Bend)
20-3053   Heater Element Flo-Thru 5.5kW 240V 7 Immersion(Double Bend)
25-4036BI   Heater Element Flo-Thru Balboa(M7)3kW 240V 10 Long w/Swoop
70-20128-T   Heater Element Flo-Thru Tifel Coated 1kW 240V 6.5 Long
6-FLO   Heater Element Flo-Thru(Dbl Bend)5.5kW 240V 10.63 Immersion
800164   Heater Element Gasket ELS552-2 & 1102-2
25-4097   Heater Element HURRICANE 11KW
001801F   Heater Element RAYPAK 5.5Kw 8-1/2 Immersion ELS-552-2
5.5-3-0   Heater Element Raypak ELS-552-2 3 x 3 Sq Flange 5.5kW 240V
0824-0003   Heater Element Replmnt Kit NEWPORT includes: Element PCB
25-4011-ET   Heater Element Saratoga Lo-Flow Side Coil 4kW 240V 5.63 L
25-3007   Heater Element Screw Plug 1 NPT 5.5kW 240V 9-3/4 Immersion
6-1-2   Heater Element Screw Plug 1 NPT 6kW 240V 12 Immersion
6-1-0   Heater Element Screw Plug 1 NPT 6kW 240V 14.125 Immersion
1.5-1.25-2   Heater Element Screw Plug 1-1/4 NPT 1.5kW 120V 9 Immersion
25-3016   Heater Element Screw Plug 1-1/4 NPT 5.5kW 240V 12 Immersion
62-1.25-2   Heater Element Screw Plug 1-1/4 NPT 6kW(Dual)240V 12 Immersn
6-COATES   Heater Element Sq Flange 2.5 x 5.125 (Coates)6kW 240V
10-3.5-0   Heater Element Sq Flange 4 x 4 (Baker Hydro)10kW(Dual)240V
6-3.5-0   Heater Element Sq Flange 4 x 4 (Baker Hydro)6kW(Dual)240V
6-5-2   Heater Element Sq Flange 5 x 5 5.5kW 240V 5-1/2 Immersion
1.5-4-1B   Heater Element Sq Flange(Watkins)1.5kW 120V 4 x 4 11-1/4
1.5-4-1A   Heater Element Sq Flange(Watkins)1.5kW 240V 4 x 4 11-1/4
2.5-24-0B   Heater Element Sq Flnge 2.5 x 4 (Watkins)2.5kW 240V 11-1/4
2.5-24-0A   Heater Element Sq Flnge(Watkins)2.5kW 240V 2.5 x 4 11-1/4
001808F   Heater Element Tube Assy for ELS-1102-2 11kW Housing Only
001805F   Heater Element Tube Assy For ELS552-2 Raypak
25-0461ET   Heater Element(Arctic Spas)Hairpin 5.5kW 240V 10-1/2 L ET
11-3-0   Heater Element(Raypak ELS-1102-2)3 x 3 Sq Flange 11kW 240V
25-3007-1   Heater Element, Screw Plug (1"NPT) 5.5kW, 240V, 8" Immersion
20-3023B   Heater Element, Sq Flange (5" x 12") Sundance, Titanium, 6kW, 240V
70-0056-X   Heater Element,Coil(Btm Mnt)Dynasty,Lo-Flo,5.5kW,240V,3-1/2"
25-40321   Heater Element,Flo-Thru(8000 Series 11kW Dual Element)5.5kW,
25-4026ET-BI   Heater Element,Flo-Thru(Dbl Bend)Tifel,Balboa,2.0kW,240V,10"
25-4042ET-BI   Heater Element,Flo-Thru(M7)Tifel,Dbl Bend,3.6kW,240V,10"L
25-4226   Heater Element,Flo-Thru(Single Bend)2kW,240V,4.38"Long
25-1495ET   Heater Element,Sq Flange(5" x 5")PDC,Deluxe,4.0kW,240v,
2-05-0144   Heater Element,Sq Flange(6-1/4" x 11")Ramco/D-1,4kW,240V,
41-1037-11   Heater Flange 11kw Purex/Hydrotech Element 5-1/8 Dia
41-1037   Heater Flange Purex/Hydrotech 5-3/16 Dia
054424-001   Heater Gasket EPDM Rubber for 6-1-0
61-0010   Heater Gaskets End Cap-EM-1000
20-05113   Heater Hex Plate Adaptor THERMR 1/8 Vulcan Thd Htr
1780-09   Heater Housing D1 Crystal Pure(Plastic)No Element w/Unions
30039   Heater Jumper Strap BALBOA EL/VS Element To PCB(Copper)
30015   Heater Jumper Strap BALBOA EL8000 Element To PCB(Copper)
30192   Heater Jumper Strap BALBOA M1 Element To PCB(Copper)
30511   Heater Jumper Strap BALBOA SUV/2000LE Element To PCB(Copper)
48-2100   Heater Manifold 10 Internal T/Wel
40-2200-013   Heater Manifold 14 1/8 Hercules
40-2200-016   Heater Manifold 16-1/2 Hercules
40-2300X   Heater Manifold 17 Slip-Slip
48-2020   Heater Manifold 2 Flo-Thru x 15
40-2000-007   Heater Manifold Contintenal & Cal
50112SS   Heater Manifold Stainless Steel

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