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hot tub chemicals

Keeping your spa water clear and balanced is essential if you want to consistently enjoy your hot tub experience. Using the appropriate combination of hot tub chemicals will keep the pH of your water balanced and leave your skin feeling refreshed. The consequence for not properly maintaining the pH of your spa water can result in cloudy water, water with a strange odor, skin irritation, and a decrease in the life expectancy of your hot tub.

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Whether you are an experienced spa technician or you are trying to balance your spa water for the first time, you need to use Spa Test Strips to accurately assess the pH of your water. We offer spa test strip brands including AquaChek, Insta-Test, Leisure Time, Nature2, Spa Frog, and Baqua Spa. Once you identify the condition of the spa water, you can make informed decisions about what hot tub chemicals you need.

Before you add your chlorine or bromine to the spa water, you need to add Spa Balancer to the water such as: Leisure Time Spa Up, Leisure Time Spa Down, Rendezvous Spa Up, Rendezvous Spa Down, and Baqua Calcium Hardness Increaser. These chemicals will help you balance the pH and alkalinity.

Once you finish that, it is time for you to add in the Spa Sanitizer, which kills bacteria in the water of your spa creating a safe environment for your body. This includes Leisure Time Chlorine-Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules, and Leisure Time Bromine. If you are trying to minimize chemical use in your spa water, we have a Natural Spa Care section offering you chlorine-free and bromine-free sanitizers such as: Nature2 SunPurity Mineral Sanitizer, Baqua Sanitizer with Stain and Scale Control.

The last step to balancing your spa water is to add in MPS/Shock. Leisure Time Renew non-chlorine shock oxidizer and Rendezvous Activate will burn off all of the free floating chlorines in your water helping to eliminate any smell caused by the sanitizer you use.

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