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DEL Ozone Spa Ozone Generators
MCD-50Spa Eclipse Dual VoltageCDS-16

How to Choose the Right Spa Ozone Generator

One of the most common questions we receive from spa owners is how to choose the right spa ozone generator. A spa ozone generator must be replaced every 3 to 5 years and since the ozone generator is critical to maintaining spa water quality, it’s important to choose the right model.

4 factors to consider when choosing a spa ozone generator:

Size of Spa
Determine the size of your spa. A larger spa will require a more powerful ozone generator.

Level of Sanitation
Determine the level of sanitation required. If you have children or often entertain guests in your spa, you will likely need more powerful sanitation.

Electrical Needs
You’ll need to consider the type of voltage and power cord style at the ozone receptacle in the spa pack. Spa ozone generators come in 120V, 240V, or dual voltage with a variety of cord types.

Ozone generators can range in price from $70 to $399. The more expensive units are built to last longer (up to 5 years) and can run efficiently 24 hours per day. Less expensive units will typically last 3 years and are better suited for spas that run ozone intermittently.

DEL Ozone Spa Ozone Generator Selector:

To help you choose the right ozone generator for your spa, we’ve devised the following handy chart:

Ozone Generator Spa Size Sanitation Level Electrical Budget
MCD-50 up to 1000 gal. High 110V or 240V High
Spa Eclipse up to 500 gal. Moderate 110V, 240V, and dual voltage Moderate
CDS-16 up to 500 gal. Moderate 110V Low
Ozone Concentration Chart

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