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If you're unsure about how to order, or how to obtain the measurements for your spa cover, we are here to help. You may find this guide will provide some clarity to the process. If you are still unsure, you can always give us a call or contact us by email:

At, a spa cover specialist can be reached toll free.
Call: 888-251-6661
Fax: 650-474-2335
M - F, 8 am - 5 pm PST
Or send us an email at

Choose the shape of your spa cover

Hot Tub Shapes

Simple and easy, just tell us what shape your hot tub is.

  • Square or rectangle
  • Square or rectangle with rounded corners
  • Round
  • Octagon
  • Square or Rectangle with one, two or four cut corners
  • Hexagon
  • Special shape (Please contact us to consult with Customer Service)

Tell us a little about your spa

If you know your spa's brand, model, and year and wish to find the appropriate spa cover with that information, please select your spa from the choices below. On the next page, we will provide you with suggested measurements for your spa cover. If we can't find the correct measurements or if you don't know the make and model of your spa, it's not a problem. Just click next step.

Custom Cover Order Process

Choose your spa cover

If you filled out any of the information on your brand, model and year, you can pick from a list of dimension results. These are the results we found from your search. Please click on the result that matches your cover best. Be sure to check these suggested measurements with your spa. If you don't see your spa cover listed, you can measure for your dimensions.

We take time to review every order that is submitted to be sure the manufacturing process goes smoothly, and your spa cover comes out the way you want it. We often catch mistakes before the order goes into production, but we can't guarantee the spa cover will be perfect unless you review the dimensions and other aspects of the spa cover you give us.

Enter your spa dimensions, then choose a color, and package

Hot Tub Measurements

Providing measurements

Here you will measure your own dimensions and provide them. Not sure how to do this? If you need to measure a corner radius for a rounded corner spa, click here for our instruction sheet or corner radius chart to help guide you through the process. You may also be wondering:

Measuring tip

Measure each requested dimension in inches at the widest point. You should round up every measurement to the nearest inch. A spa cover that is a little too big will probably work fine, whereas a spa cover that is a little too small probably won't work as well. If the measurements you get are close to making a perfect square, it probably is a square (Ex: 78 x 78.5" is likely 78" square.).

What should I measure, the cover or the spa?

If you are satisfied with the way your current spa cover fits, then go ahead and measure your spa cover. However, if your spa cover is waterlogged, warped, or misshaped in any way, you will need to measure your spa for accuracy.

Other questions

Spa Cabinets with no rail:

  • Measure from the widest point on the acrylic lip

Spa Cabinets with a rail:

  • In general, measure from the widest points on the rail

In the ground spa shells:

  • Measure from the widest points above the ground

Measure your fold (hinge direction) correctly!

90% of the time the fold on a hot tub cover cuts the longest dimension in half, but it can also cut the shortest dimension in half too. Some customers will purposely have the fold cut the shortest dimension in half (known as a "reverse hinge") due to specific circumstances of the spa, so make sure you measure your fold the right way. If confused, make drawing and fax it or call us for help.

Cover Colors


Our selection of 11 colors gives you plenty to choose from to get just the color you want for your cover. Decisions, decisions! Remember, colors shown on a computer screen may vary slightly from the actual color that you get. This is due to the graphics and color settings on each monitor being slightly different (think of how different TV's lined up against the wall in a store look). Rest assured, it will look great, and it will be very close to what you see.

Cover skirt length

The hot tub cover skirt is the portion of the vinyl that extends down from your hot tub cover bottom and overlaps the top of your spa shell. The purpose of the spa cover skirt is to help protect the acrylic of your hot tub from UV damage, so it is important that it is long enough to cover all of the acrylic on your spa. Most people will extend the spa cover skirt past the rail. NOTE: The best fit for your spa cover will allow the spa cover skirt to hang straight down.

If you do not enter a spa cover skirt length for your hot tub cover, we will use a standard 5" skirt as the default.

Safety strap length

When measuring the safety straps, please measure it from the bottom of the hot tub cover down to where the strap meets the clip, without including the clip itself in the measurement.

In order to maintain our high safety ratings, we must ship your cover with safety straps so if you have a flush mount you can order straps as small as 1" longer than your skirt. Unfortunately, we do not offer covers without straps.

If you do not enter a safety strap length for your hot tub cover, we will use a standard 7" strap on the cover.

Select options and add-ons

The combination of your foam density and taper will determine the degree of strength, energy efficiency, and weather-proofing of your hot tub cover. Depending on where you live, what sort of indoor and outdoor environment you live in, location of your spa - there are many variables you should consider. If you know all about foam density and taper, simply make your selection. If you are unsure about what you want or need, let us help you choose. We have outlined the variables and degrees of strength and you can make your selection based on our outline.

Super heat seal gasket

Super heat seal gasket

All of our spa covers come with the option of adding a revolutionary insulating heat seal gasket. This prevents heat loss where the two halves of the spa cover meet and fold together. When the cover is shut, it creates an automatic seal, which is crucial to long term energy savings. Payback on energy savings is usually seen in less than 12 months, according to independent testing.

Double-wrapped core

Double-wrapped core

This option gives you an added layer of protection to prevent moisture absorption and to protect the virgin foam core of your cover. We use our specially developed 4 mil plastic compared to the usual 3 mil used for most of our competitor's covers, and your core is sealed and protected not once, but twice!

Premium wind straps

Premium wind straps

Perfect for windy climate conditions, these double reinforced straps give added strength and reinforcement.

Combo Deals
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Hot tub cover and cover lift combo deals

If you don't have a cover lift for your spa cover, make life easier and order one in combination with your spa cover. We offer great discounts on a lift when you make a cover purchase. A cover lift assists in getting your cover off and back on with no strain or uncomfortable lifting. The hassle is gone and you'll be using your hot tub more often! Over 90% of our customers utilize a lifter of some type for their spa cover.

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