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About Hot Tub Spa Covers

Marine grade vinyl

All of our hot tub covers feature marine grade vinyl. The vinyl is treated with mildew inhibitors and UV inhibitors for overall longevity and to keep your spa cover looking new. The vinyl has flexibility and can stretch with the core. It has a negative 20 degree cold crack rating and is tested to 1500 UV hours. The vinyl contains ultra violet stabilizing pigments, is oil stain, mildew, fungus, and sulfide stain resistant. It is also resistant to salt water staining and is very easy to clean.

Tapered virgin foam core

We use a virgin foam core in all our covers to provide you with a stronger, more durable, and more energy efficient spa cover. We offer various tapers and densities of foam to meet your specific needs in a hot tub cover. The taper on our spa covers allow water to run off, but are still thick enough to keep heat in. These spa covers are strong yet lightweight, making them easy to handle. If you need a super strong, high R-Value spa cover, you can’t beat The Hulk, our ultimate spa cover.

The R-Value of a spa cover is the measurement of the heat resistance of the virgin foam core in your spa cover. The ability of a spa cover to keep heat in and insulate the hot tub is the primary test of a quality spa cover. The higher the R-Value of a spa cover, the better the heat retention, which means a better insulating spa cover.

  • 1 lb. foam with 4˝ to 2.5˝ taper has an R-Value of R-12.
  • 1.5 lb. foam with 4˝ to 2.5˝ taper has an R-Value of 14.5.
  • 2 lb. foam with 4˝ to 2.5˝ taper has an R-Value of 16.0.
  • 1.5 lb. foam with 5˝ to 3˝ taper has an R-Value of 20.0.
  • 2 lb. foam with 5˝ to 3˝ taper has an R-Value of 24.0.
  • 2 lb. foam with 5˝ to 4˝ taper has an R-Value of 30.0+.

Double-ply poly-laminate

Spa covers can be just as vulnerable from the inside as the outside. This is why our eleven-ounce double laminate vinyl with polyester weft reinforcing scrim keeps chemical fumes and moisture from invading our spa covers. It is mildew resistant, with -40 degree cold crack. This material is extremely tough, so we use it throughout the entire spa cover for some extra reinforcement.

Vapor lock seal with Antaeus 2000™

The Antaeus 2000 is a plastic that was developed to prevent moisture absorption in the virgin foam cores of spa covers. The usual plastic used to wrap the virgin foam cores is 3 mil. The 4 mil plastic that we use is scientifically formulated to reduce vapor transmission, yet still has the strength, flexibility, transparency, and seal that our quality control standards require.

Our spa covers are made with an impulse sealer that makes a perfect seam using the right combination of temperature, pressure, and timing. This machine eliminates all human variables so your spa cover gets a perfect seal every time.

GHSG super heat seal gasket

All of our spa covers come with the option of adding a revolutionary insulating heat seal gasket. The heat seal gasket prevents heat loss where the two halves of the spa cover meet and fold together. When the cover is shut, it creates an automatic seal, which is crucial to long term energy savings. Payback on energy savings is usually seen in less than 12 months, according to independent testing.

Tough ‘n’ sturdy 4-layer hinge

Our hinge has 4 layers of vinyl to add extra strength to this critical stress point of hot tub covers. This hinge was tested with an automatic arm, and the hot tub cover was lifted on and off thousands of times with no discernable wear to the hinge.

Extremely strong handles

Most spa covers will come with weak black web mesh handles. Every one of our spa covers comes with handles that engineered to be super strong and long lasting. Not to mention, the handles have foam padding inside that provide greater comfort when lifting. Our hot tub cover handles are made of nylon webbing that adds to the strength of the handle. They are integrated into the hot tub cover with additional stitching and internal reinforcing making them one of the strongest handles available in the industry.

Plastic drain grommet

The reason for these low profile drain grommets is to help release any moisture that may have gotten trapped and accumulated between the vinyl and the foam core. These drain grommets are made of industrial grade nylon and are located on the underside of your hot tub cover. The grommets will not corrode, nor will they scratch your spa.

Commercial grade zipper

The nylon zipper is hidden away in its own pocket. This protects the zipper from corrosion, yet still allows for easy access to the sealed core. It also adds to the overall appearance of the spa cover, and creates a more attractive finished look.

24-gauge steel reinforced center channel

Our spa covers come with a 24 gauge “C” channel to strengthen across the center of your spa cover. This non-corrosive steel bar provides the spa cover with extra support for areas that may have extreme weather conditions.

Spa cover skirt

Our skirts are double stitched into the spa cover for strength and gusseted to provide the best protection. It is custom cut to help seal the spa heat in, keep dirt out, and protect your acrylic from UV. Extreme heat can build up between the skirt and the outer lip of the spa when the sun beats down on the hot tub cover, and this can damage the outer lip of the spa. Our hot tub cover skirt will allow this heat to escape, preventing any heat damage.

Center release spa cover fasteners

Center release spa cover fasteners are sturdier than the standard sureloc fasteners. They hold up better in cold climates, and are very easy to use. The fastener opens with the simple push of a button, which makes this type of fastener especially good for anyone with strength or dexterity limitations. This type of fastener even locks for safety.


Our spa covers meet and exceed ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety standards for all sizes, densities, and models of spa covers! Spa cover safety is very important, especially if you have children and pets around your spa. Our spa covers are designed as a thermal insulating locking safety cover for your spa.

Our spa covers received UL classification, and our spa covers are the only ones classified for ASTM Safety on all sizes, densities, and models. So you can feel confident that we will build a hot tub cover that is favored by safety code officials across the nation.

We are proud to offer the UL classification mark on all our hot tub covers. The ASTM even has standards that include a category intended to protected children five years old and under, and all our hot tub covers meet this.

We are committed to providing you with the safest spa cover for your hot tub, but more importantly for your safety and the safety of those around you. Please note: many municipal building codes require ASTM compliant hot tub covers.

Energy efficiency

Hot tubs are covered and unused more than 95 percent of the time, yet this is typically when they use 75 percent of their energy. Thus, the best way to make your hot tub the most energy efficient hot tub possible is by preventing heat loss at this steady-state through an excellent spa cover. The insulation value derived from our manufacturing process using virgin foam cores, marine grade vinyl, full-length heat seal gaskets as well as the tightness of the vapor seal sets our hot tub covers apart from the rest. Our hot tub covers will not add to energy waste. We manufacture our hot tub covers thinking green, which in turn will save you green.

The insulation value derived from our manufacturing process using virgin foam cores, 27 ounce marine grade vinyl, full length heat seal gaskets as well as the unmatched tightness of the Antaeus 2000™ vapor seal to the hot tub are some of the important construction details in terms of overall energy efficiency.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) was the first governing body to mandate a standard of hot tub efficiency compliance. Our spa covers rate one of the highest R-Values in the industry, and we were effortlessly able to pass the CEC’s strict guidelines.

If you own a hot tub and notice the hot tub cover becoming heavier over time, it is because the hot tub cover is water logged. Once a hot tub cover becomes water logged the insulation loses its effectiveness and wastes energy.

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